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Self-evident or unquestionable.
  1. 'It should be axiomatic that the State, acting as the collective will of its people, will not let a handful of unscrupulous persons with clever tongues to take control of the common man's freedom.'
  2. 'It is axiomatic that all monopoly groups, emerging from time to time, will remain the continuous target of the people so as to keep India free of despotism.'
  3. 'I regard it as axiomatic that if you are unwilling to advocate for your interests and in consequence get walked all over by people who do, then you have no-one to blame but yourself.'
  4. 'Like the photographer who shows his or her aptitude in the selective framing, it is axiomatic that the decisive representation of a single scene in pictorial representation is a key to its beauty.'
  5. 'And when you start caring about sports in Philadelphia, it's pretty much axiomatic that you're going to get your heart broken.'
  6. 'It's axiomatic that we have a grow-or-die economy.'
  7. 'It is a tone which implies that certain thing in life are so axiomatic that no discussion of them is necessary or even possible.'
  8. 'That people are different and should be allowed to make different choices is axiomatic to libertarians but they normally take that as given rather than arguing for it.'
  9. 'They came to accept as axiomatic that the strong and wealthy state is built on the energies of liberated individuals.'
  10. 'It is axiomatic that the differences among the Chiefs of Staff are resolved by the military professionals themselves, with one of them acting as the arbitrator.'
  11. '1914 saw the first axiomatic declaration of exactly what constitutes a ring'
  12. 'He also examined the consistency of certain propositions in Gödel's system of axiomatic set theory.'
  13. 'Since Euclid's axiomatic formulation of geometry mathematicians had been trying to prove his fifth postulate as a theorem deduced from the other four axioms.'


1. pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious.

2. aphoristic.

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"reviews can be axiomatic to workings."

"people can be axiomatic to europeans."

"laws can be axiomatic in evolutions."

"assumptions can be axiomatic on lefts."

"methods can be axiomatic."

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Late 18th century: from Greek axiōmatikos, from axiōma ‘what is thought fitting’ (see axiom).