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Filled with awe or wonder.
  1. 'I watched her in awed silence'
  2. 'Even Queen Elizabeth II's personal jewel collection has been incredibly well-documented for the benefit of the awed public.'
  3. 'To awed churchgoers, the multicoloured windows telling the stories of the Gospels in glowing light must have been as captivating as a modern movie.'
  4. 'There was a long, awed silence.'
  5. 'By 1967 the cable car had reached the peak, giving awed tourists a view that only a few hardy mountaineers had ever seen.'
  6. 'It was in this awed state that we very nearly bypassed the very pinnacle of ancient Roman architecture: The Colosseum.'


1. filled with or expressing awe.

More examples(as adjective)

"presidents can be awed by surroundingses."

"people can be awed for words."

"people can be awed for matters."

"people can be awed by ways."

"people can be awed by sizes."

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