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Stop sleeping; wake from sleep.
  1. 'It was rather more like a lethargic dog who awoke from a comfortable sleep.'
  2. 'It would be as if, when Gregor Samsa awoke from his sleep to discover he had become a grotesquely huge beetle, no one was bothered by the change.'
  3. 'The pounding on the door grew louder and Rolandon walked over to the bolted door, messed up his hair, and pinched his cheeks to make it appear that he had just awoken from sleep.'
  4. 'As you awake from your troubled sleep, you realize that the group you'd dreamed about is deep in the woods.'
  5. 'I slept reasonably well, awaking only for the Erie, PA station stop.'
  6. 'Everyone was sleeping soundly until they awoke with me yelling at the top of my lungs in pain.'
  7. 'Despite sleeping late, I awoke with a real humdinger of a hangover.'
  8. 'Then pain was an immense pulsation on her back that hadn't stopped since she had awoken again.'
  9. 'Another stint of exhausted sleep passed and Kate awoke again.'
  10. 'Skyler awoke when the bus stopped and walked wearily from the bus.'
  11. 'my screams awoke my parents'
  12. 'Shurkom gently awoke E.D. out of a restless sleep, and announced that Robert was in need of his presence.'
  13. 'But this time there was no difficulty in awaking the person whom I wanted to meet.'
  14. 'I was asleep in my chambers when a cry awoke me from my sleep, it came from Aurala's room.'
  15. 'My baby girl's need for an early morning feed awoke me and, seeing as how that's the sleep thing shot for now, I figured I might as well read.'
  16. 'As the dawn broke over Paris the sound of the tumbrel wheels awoke the prisoners from their fitful sleep and were soon loaded like animals to go on their last journey.'
  17. 'I shoved open the door and slammed it behind me, not caring if it awoke my parents.'
  18. 'Only a disaster of the most profound magnitude will awake the American people.'
  19. 'My mother came into our room when our excited cries awoke her from her sleep.'
  20. 'Steve rushed to the door before she awoke his parents and snuck her into his bedroom.'
  21. 'And suddenly, he heard Kato's voice, light as if not to awake him from a sleep.'
  22. 'A few hours later when Maria awoke she couldn't remember where she was.'
  23. 'When he awoke, two hours later, a wave of nausea swept over him.'
  24. 'After a few hours he awoke, still twitching, and stared at the ceiling for awhile, trying to figure out what to do now.'
  25. 'He claimed he lost consciousness and awoke in the Emergency Department at the Montfort Hospital.'
  26. 'After six months Rick awoke from his coma, and finds his life soon turned upside down again.'
  27. 'Later-it seemed like hour to him-Theorton awoke, still on the hospital table.'
  28. 'James' mother told the inquest her son did not lose consciousness but ‘stayed awake until the end’.'
  29. 'Jean-Dominique Bauby, a well-known Parisian journalist, has a stroke and loses consciousness; on awaking he finds himself paralysed and unable to speak.'
  30. 'When she awoke, only half conscious, there were voices coming closer.'
  31. 'An hour later I awoke in my chamber with the help of smelling salts.'
  32. 'the authorities finally awoke to the extent of the problem'
  33. 'Members of Congress have begun to awake to the problem of illegal immigration.'
  34. 'The weekly newsmagazine Veja finally awoke to the issue in the recent edition.'
  35. 'The UN and NGO community only awoke to the conflict in 2004.'
  36. 'Kirton talks a good game, and one which will be badly needed if Scotland is to awake to the realities of Ryder Cup bidding.'
  37. 'In recent years governments and citizens and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have begun to awake to the problem of modern-day slavery.'
  38. 'She returned there several times, which awoke curiosity and rumors.'
  39. 'In the intervening years I still watched the odd game or two each season, but last weekend awoke emotions that I’d not felt for years.'
  40. 'The demand for intelligence rose when increasing education, hand in hand with the material advance of the bourgeoisie, awoke a desire for political action.'
  41. 'He wonders if it is some of her blacked-out memories that have suddenly awoken in her mind.'
  42. 'That school field trip awoke my passion for photography.'


Not asleep.
  1. 'Lisa couldn't fall asleep so she stayed awake and studied him, praying he would find his way out of the maze of lies he'd created for himself.'
  2. 'Don't get me wrong, I'm no vampire, but, when possible, it's a lot of fun to be awake when everyone is asleep.'
  3. 'Catherine was awake, half asleep, walking down her boss' hall.'
  4. 'Not that sort of restless, you understand, but rather restless awake rather than asleep.'
  5. 'I think about the time difference - they're now asleep and won't be awake until I'm asleep.'
  6. 'I was still half asleep but I was awake enough to hear the reproach in the nurse's voice and I interpreted it as her suggesting I had neglected Gerald.'
  7. 'She looked and saw that Isaac was asleep and Jack was awake.'
  8. 'All of these effects are well known and may occur when one's consciousness shifts into a state between being fully asleep and fully awake.'
  9. 'More severely affected children hyperventilate both awake and asleep.'
  10. 'As a runner, I have more trouble staying awake than falling asleep at night.'
  11. 'too few are awake to the dangers'
  12. 'Nothing had been heard like it, then all of a sudden Hollywood was alive and awake to widescreen pictures.'
  13. 'The only thing good that could happen is that Australia is sort of more awake to this terrorism bloody thing that's around the world.'
  14. 'Now we awake to the nightmare that tens of millions of faraway innocents live every moment.'
  15. 'As a hotelier, he feels corporates must be alive and awake to the social and environmental problems plaguing the nation.'
  16. 'That means partly giving understanding but also making people awake to the excitement of it all.'
  17. 'The problem for the government is that they've employed such tactics so often and so transparently that people are awake to their cynical ploys, their partisan purpose.'
  18. 'Well, Larry, long-range effects on this is that now the Indian Ocean is awake, or that entire area is awake to the fact that it's possible.'
  19. 'But only if they are awake to the threat posed by the underdogs.'
  20. 'As a spoken word poet, I ask myself: Are we awake to the inherent needs of each other?'
  21. 'People are more awake to political stuff, whereas you couldn't say that about Americans 10 years ago.'


1. to wake up; rouse from sleep: I awoke at six with a feeling of dread.

2. to rouse to action; become active: His flagging interest awoke.

3. to come or bring to an awareness; become cognizant (often followed by to): She awoke to the realities of life. adjective

4. waking; not sleeping.

5. vigilant; alert: They were awake to the danger.

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"people can be awake in/at/on nights."

"people can be awake at nights."

"people can be awake in/at/on times."

"people can be awake in/at/on minutes."

"people can be awake through pains."

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Old English āwæcnan, āwacian, both used in the sense ‘come out of sleep’ (see a-, wake).