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Wait for (an event)
  1. 'remand prisoners awaiting trial'
  2. 'She says she has done whatever she can in this life and now she only awaits death at the right time.'
  3. 'He said the postmortem results on the cause of the baby's death were awaited.'
  4. 'I constantly kept looking out of my bedroom window awaiting the big event.'
  5. 'Cavalry were meant to await a breakthrough before exploiting breaches in enemy lines with a heroic drive forward.'
  6. 'That the sequels are the most eagerly awaited cinematic event of the year is not in question.'
  7. 'She had earlier spent several months in the prison on remand while awaiting trial.'
  8. 'We await your performance with interest and not a little trepidation.'
  9. 'On one occasion, her cooker broke down on a Sunday morning, while six guests awaited their breakfast.'
  10. 'I doubt whether fine moral judgements are that convincing to a heifer awaiting its death.'
  11. 'Possibly it will convince me that it is time to get a proper job, settle down and get married and have kids and await my inevitable death.'
  12. 'many dangers await them'
  13. 'A whole new carbohydrate-heavy cuisine awaits you; can I have some bread with my rice and noodles?'
  14. 'Fame, fortune and an executive directorship awaits you should you succeed.'
  15. 'We share what we have, one homeless person to another, and so step a little closer to the home that finally awaits us.'
  16. 'The biggest prizes at the top events await anyone who can conquer their nerves and make the most of the current gap in the market.'
  17. 'Another unique transportation adventure awaits you on one of Hong Kong's buses or trams.'
  18. 'Some of the tribunals are still in session, and we don't yet know what nasty shocks await us.'
  19. 'It only took several seconds to reach his locker and another surprise awaited him.'
  20. 'Many of our soldiers, sailors and airmen will be lost or severely wounded many lives will be shattered as a very grave period awaits us.'
  21. 'A little surprise awaited me inside the building I had seen my whole life and never been inside.'
  22. 'An even bigger surprise awaits fans of Dylan's craft who make it to the end of the piece.'

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1. to wait for; expect; look for: He is still awaiting an answer.

2. to be in store for; be imminent: A pleasant surprise awaits her in today's mail.

3. Obsolete. to lie in wait for. verb (used without object)

4. to wait, as in expectation.

More examples(as adjective)

"sectors can be await on dates."

"sectors can be await from surveyors."

"sectors can be await for releases."

"banks can be await on fates."

"stocks can be await."

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Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French awaitier, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + waitier ‘to wait’.