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Relating to birds.
  1. 'The unguarded chicks and eggs are easy prey for gulls and other avian predators.'
  2. 'In Germany more than a hundred wild birds have died of avian influenza, most of them on Rügen.'
  3. 'According to friends, he enjoys making avian analogies between rare birds and his political allies and enemies.'
  4. 'A giant flightless bird like the dodo is on the extreme end of avian evolution.'
  5. 'A site with a much broader approach to avian information is the Mangoverde World Bird Guide.'
  6. 'Vocalizations during the breeding season, such as song, are common among males of most avian taxa.'
  7. 'Some parts seem to be like bird or avian viruses, while other bits are similar to bovine or murine viruses.'
  8. 'We suspect that many losses after emergence were due to avian predators.'
  9. 'This bird was an escapee of some manner of avian imprisonment, maybe a zoo.'
  10. 'We could not identify avian predators to species level from egg damage.'


A bird.
  1. 'Until recently, feathers were the quintessential feature of avians, associated only with flight.'
  2. 'Armed with binoculars, they went in search of avians.'
  3. 'It's been known for some time that birds are descended from dinosaurs, with Archaeopteryx representing one strong link between avians and antiquity.'
  4. 'This time of year is ideal for spotting certain boreal or arctic avians in the Northeast United States, thanks to the combination of low temperatures and fallen leaves.'
  5. 'Following is a complete listing of the endangered avians.'
  6. 'We need to better understand how all avians (birds and bats) interact with turbines so we can choose better locations for future turbines.'
  7. 'Over time, songbirds like the robin and other prized avians, including bald eagles and peregrine falcons, ingested enough contaminated prey that they died of DDT poisoning.'
  8. 'UK ornithologists are able to keep track of these aged avians because the birds are banded, or in British vernacular, ringed.'
  9. 'While we've encountered quite a few bird bloggers on the web, avians aren't the only critters being blogged about.'
  10. 'They say too many opportunities exist for close contact between humans and avians, making accidental infection possible.'


1. of or relating to birds.

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"influenzas can be avian."

"predators can be avian."

"concerns can be avian."

"botulisms can be avian."

"worlds can be avian."

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Late 19th century: from Latin avis ‘bird’ + -an.