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A car.
  1. 'Plan your needs with financial planner and then apply for the auto loan you need.'
  2. 'Finding the best auto parts actually depends on you, so make the right choice now!'
  3. 'Making use of the internet for getting the best suited auto insurance is not a demanding task.'
  4. 'The riders weave through the pedestrians and much of the center has almost no auto traffic.'

adjective & noun

  1. 'Our cows have foam mattresses to lie on and an auto cleaner that cleans the floor every two hours.'
  2. 'The manual gearbox has a tendency to be notchy and the auto gearbox doesn't change particularly smoothly.'

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1. automobile. adjective

2. of or relating to automobiles: an auto salesman; auto detailing.

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"workers can be auto."

"sales can be auto."

"industries can be auto."

"parts can be auto."

"makers can be auto."

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Late 19th century: abbreviation of automobile.