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A writer of a book, article, or document.
  1. 'I was at the same exact event as the author of this article and I can ascertain that her report of that day is accurate.'
  2. 'When the authors of this article were teenagers, the population of the world was about 3 billion people.'
  3. 'He is a journalist, computer columnist, and the author of 11 books.'
  4. 'Somehow I doubt that the authors of this idiotic article have thought this through very well.'
  5. 'The author of this article was reviewing a recently released book.'
  6. 'A prolific writer, Horowitz is the author or co-author of over 30 books and thousands of articles and essays.'
  7. 'He is also a prolific writer, being the author of a dozen books on subjects such as Islamic theology, ethics, Sufism and comparative religions.'
  8. 'He is the author of seven books and more than a hundred articles and chapters.'
  9. 'The reviewers, like the authors of our articles, have definite points of view.'
  10. 'The authors of the article don't even bother to address the constitutional question at the heart of the case.'
  11. 'Another reason for his attraction to Deirdre is that they both share a passion for books, especially those written by neglected authors.'
  12. 'But we're also developing books by other authors, emerging writers for children.'
  13. 'Many authors now write books with movies in mind.'
  14. 'In 1965 I was writing a weekly pseudonymous column on books and authors for Scotland's national newspaper.'
  15. 'Unlike many short story authors, Oates writes interestingly about a vast range of subjects, and has the skill with which to make her tales truly mesmerising.'
  16. 'Acclaimed author Margaret Atwood writes of the influence George Orwell had on her and her writing, to mark the centenary of his birth.'
  17. 'Some prolific authors write the same book over and over, and others write books so different that their work fails to add up to a single whole.'
  18. 'Why do you think so many authors have trouble writing sex scenes?'
  19. 'Then we have authors writing positive reviews for their own books and often their friends will do the same.'
  20. 'Some 39 poets, essayists, authors and playwrights will participate in it.'
  21. 'I had to read authors I disliked'
  22. 'Where earlier historians had read ancient authors with deference and credulity, he approached their works with presumptuous skepticism.'
  23. 'While these contemporary writers may not have read many of the authors in Harlem's Glory, many of their themes turn out to be echoes of this earlier writing.'
  24. 'The authors of the original property rights theory never regarded the system of property rights as something easily changeable by policy decisions.'
  25. 'The plan's authors believe there is significant tourism potential for water sports to be further developed and states that the surf school should be expanded to a year round activity.'
  26. 'Very few of the plan's original authors are still there.'
  27. 'It seems self evidently the case that the authors of the plan did not consider any other possibility except the implementation of the Land Securities scheme.'
  28. 'The plan's authors reside in Key West.'


Be the author of (a book or piece of writing)
  1. 'He has authored a book entitled African American Music - An Introduction.'
  2. 'Apart from holding his hugely popular shows across the globe, he is also busy authoring a book.'
  3. 'There is no cause for worry, the scientist who has authored a book ‘From fission to fusion’, explains.'
  4. 'He authored a terrific book about his son some years back.'
  5. 'He has authored books in Tamil and distributes them at the medical camps.'
  6. 'Not all politicians can find the time to author a book, not even something that is classed as lighter stuff.'
  7. 'She even subsequently authored a book on Indian classical dances.'
  8. 'the concept has been authored largely by insurance companies'
  9. 'The idea of composing a life, authoring one's own actions, acting as an agent, makes little sense in this view.'
  10. 'This goodly frame, the earth, was such a configuration, authored by God, and with wondrous messages for those who cared to examine the text.'

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1. a person who writes a novel, poem, essay, etc.; the composer of a literary work, as distinguished from a compiler, translator, editor, or copyist.

2. the literary production or productions of a writer: to find a passage in an author.

3. the maker of anything; creator; originator: the author of a new tax plan.

4. Computers. the writer of a software program, especially a hypertext or multimedia application.

verb (used with object)

5. to write; be the author of: He authored a


Middle English (in the sense ‘a person who invents or causes something’): from Old French autor, from Latin auctor, from augere ‘increase, originate, promote’. The spelling with th arose in the 15th century, and perhaps became established under the influence of authentic.