Adjective "authenticate" definition and examples

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Prove or show (something) to be true, genuine, or valid.
  1. 'Even if an engagement ring comes with a certificate authenticating the stone, this is no guarantee of the market value.'
  2. 'The significant problem with both press releases and web pages that describe these items is that they provide little, if any, hard data that authenticates the identification of these items as valid artifacts or bones.'
  3. 'The state Electoral Commission had itself checked and authenticated their membership claims, verifying 97 percent as genuine.'
  4. 'It was five months and 11 days after the event that I finally received the certificate to authenticate the achievement.'
  5. 'It is the vendor's responsibility to supply evidence sufficient to authenticate the material and allay these concerns; this, to date, has not been done.'
  6. 'How will a prescription telephoned or e-mailed from a physician's office be authenticated or confirmed in pharmacies?'
  7. 'There is no authenticated record of three or more such deaths in a single family.'
  8. 'Membership is free, however, in order to authenticate your enrollment please confirm your account details below'
  9. 'If you have a document, authenticate it, and be careful of your sources.'
  10. 'In fact, only two experts authenticated them - and could not vouch for the documents themselves, only the signature, the sources said.'
  11. 'He said such evidence could include originals or copies of documents authenticated by the UN fact-finding commission.'
  12. 'Web Users: members can authenticate with a proxy server to access the Web.'
  13. 'In order to access the functions with your browser, you must first authenticate with a user name and password.'
  14. 'However there is no need to authenticate to perform this attack, only access to the web server is required.'
  15. 'A closed portal requires users to authenticate before they get access.'

More definitions

verb (used with object), authenticated, authenticating.

1. to establish as genuine.

2. to establish the authorship or origin of conclusively or unquestionably, chiefly by the techniques of scholarship: to authenticate a painting.

3. to make authoritative or valid.


Early 17th century: from medieval Latin authenticat- ‘established as valid’, from the verb authenticare, from late Latin authenticus ‘genuine’ (see authentic).