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  1. 'People as far south as Virginia were treated to fantastic auroral displays in the night sky.'
  2. 'Super-energized particles from the radiation belts and from auroral storms can damage the sensitive electronics of satellites.'
  3. 'Nevertheless, the potential exists for periods of strong auroral storm conditions developing during the next several days (at least).'
  4. 'Vivid red auroral rays glowed over all over North America, stretching as far south as Arizona, southern California, Mississippi, and Texas.'
  5. 'Radio waves appear to be tied to the brightest auroral spots.'


1. of or like the dawn.

2. pertaining to the aurora borealis or aurora australis.

More examples(as adjective)

"arcs can be auroral."

"activities can be auroral."

"formations can be auroral."

"charges can be auroral."