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Pleasing or appealing to the senses.
  1. 'foliage can be as attractive as flowers'
  2. 'A cool drink and a hot flannel welcome us on arrival and flowers greet us in our spacious and attractive bedroom.'
  3. 'Apart from the attractive flowers, these plants also have good foliage, many with silver markings and spots.'
  4. 'Over the years there have been splendid displays of flowers which really make the island attractive.'
  5. 'Real fans are tough to please, and undoubtedly demand skilful, attractive football.'
  6. 'Himalayan balsam's pink flowers are an attractive sight on the river's edge but it is a menace that needs to be stopped in its tracks.'
  7. 'Both these factors account for the popular demand for these attractive flowers.'
  8. 'Cartmel village with its attractive shops and cafes is also well worth a visit.'
  9. 'On the market was a most attractive selection of plants, flowers and flower pots and shrubs.'
  10. 'In spring they produce attractive white flowers and the colour of their fruits varies from pink, yellow and red to almost black.'
  11. 'The landscaping of the village is very attractive with mature trees adding great character.'
  12. 'What I wanted was to spend an evening with a very attractive and fascinating woman.'
  13. 'One night I ran into a pretty girl who seemed to think I was attractive.'
  14. 'He would like more time with his attractive, attentive wife, and, adoring, aging mother.'
  15. 'She was quite an attractive woman with her pretty auburn hair braided behind her head.'
  16. 'She was naturally attractive with her cute face and short but nicely curved body.'
  17. 'These shows are about attractive people falling deeply in love with one another.'
  18. 'You're greeted by an attractive person who asks you how you are, and seems interested in your answer.'
  19. 'Each table had a rather attractive woman who dealt cards with as much dexterity as in Las Vegas.'
  20. 'The shop was full of attractive men buying Valentine's cards for their gorgeous women.'
  21. 'A few years older than me, he was not a particularly attractive man.'
  22. 'Footballer David Beckham is one of the most sexy and attractive men on the planet.'
  23. 'Why oh why do these attractive women in the public eye choose to commit themselves to other men, before they've even had a chance to meet me?'
  24. 'Such a policy goal would be attractive to parents, students and many other stakeholders.'
  25. 'He added that many of the paintings had not been auctioned before, which made them particularly attractive to collectors.'
  26. 'Its proximity to the city centre is attractive while its garden will appeal to the green-fingered.'
  27. 'Pop music is attractive to advertisers by virtue of its popularity with the audience.'
  28. 'The extent to which nuclear power will be attractive in the future depends on two main sets of factors.'
  29. 'Moving permanently overseas became increasingly attractive to many New Zealanders.'
  30. 'The region needs this type of investment to make it attractive to industrialists, tourists, and workers.'
  31. 'The idea of love at first sight, though attractive to women in theory, terrifies them in practice.'
  32. 'We're also active in France, with a product that's proving attractive to the hotel sector.'
  33. 'Newton's argument is intellectually attractive and his scholarship is extremely persuasive.'
  34. 'Analysts said the deal was likely to be attractive to consumer electronics makers.'
  35. 'Adhesion is the attractive force that exists between the coating and the gun metal.'
  36. 'It is not easy to deform a solid because of the strong attractive forces within the structure.'
  37. 'First, general relativity holds and gravity must act upon everything as an attractive force.'


1. providing pleasure or delight, especially in appearance or manner; pleasing; charming; alluring: an attractive personality.

2. arousing interest or engaging one's thought, consideration, etc.: an attractive idea; an attractive price.

3. having the quality of attracting.

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"places can be attractive to investors."

"people can be attractive to people."

"deposits can be attractive to investors."

"bonds can be attractive to investors."

"people can be attractive to investors."

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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘absorbent’): from French attractif, -ive, from late Latin attractivus, from the verb attrahere (see attract).