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Surprisingly impressive or notable.
  1. 'We like to reserve this special prize for a person making truly astounding leaps in logic.'
  2. 'This was astounding news since York is such a vibrant and thriving city.'
  3. 'Since then, the turnaround has been little short of astounding.'
  4. 'One student testifies that he got an astounding 35 credits in a day in one subject.'
  5. 'Children in one of the country's poorest neighbourhoods have chalked up an astounding improvement in exam scores.'
  6. 'Despite his astounding virtuosity, he remains in many ways an enigma.'
  7. 'The most astounding thing about the dot-com boom was the obscene amount of money that was spent.'
  8. 'Some friends of mine already know about this and have likely already chortled at my astounding lack of basic knowledge.'
  9. 'I find it astounding that my childhood was spent almost entirely in one suburban residence.'
  10. 'What is even more astounding is that the company has launched eight new models since the beginning of 2000.'


1. capable of overwhelming with amazement; stunningly surprising.

More examples(as adjective)

"growths can be astounding in areas."

"things can be astounding."

"successes can be astounding."

"results can be astounding."

"victories can be astounding."

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