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Greatly surprised or impressed; amazed.
  1. 'we were astonished to hear of this decision'
  2. 'I was astonished at what I was being told.'
  3. 'They were astonished at the colonials' high standard of living, reports the author.'
  4. 'He stepped out of the car and gave himself up to the astonished officers.'
  5. 'The other fishermen had seen the marlin's skeleton and were astonished at its size - eighteen feet from nose to tail.'
  6. 'A few days later an astonished Fouquet was arrested.'
  7. 'He hit his drive 381 yards down the storied 650-yard 17th, drawing astonished gasps from the galleries.'
  8. 'Grandpa is astonished at how the dogs do everything together.'
  9. 'Finally bringing her ageing vehicle to a screeching halt, officers were astonished to find a seven-month-old baby boy in the front seat.'
  10. 'The astonished faces of the recipients soon turn to happy smiles.'


1. to fill with sudden and overpowering surprise or wonder; amaze: Her easy humor and keen intellect astonished me.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be astonished by questions."

"scientists can be astonished in/at/on evenings."

"scientists can be astonished to nows."

"scientists can be astonished at homes."

"people can be astonished to replies."

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