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Tell someone something positively to dispel any doubts.
  1. with object and direct speech '‘I quite understand,’ Mrs Lewis assured her'
  2. 'However, the 55 staff at the call centre have been assured by the company they will be redeployed in other positions.'
  3. 'I wasn't sure how, but I assured myself that I would find a way.'
  4. 'I've assured and reassured him a hundred times that this isn't true, but then, there's only so much you can say to salvage a hurt ego.'
  5. 'While I did like Brent and his company, I did not like his constant need to assure and reassure me that Markus was a swell guy.'
  6. 'I'm trying hard not to take this as an indictment of my efforts, assuring myself it's symptomatic of our age, an aimless seeking without focus.'
  7. 'I assure you this will take a lot of practice and as you all know, practice makes perfect.'
  8. 'He promised and assured all that this was but a preliminary visit and that he would be back on Christmas Eve with the toys they had written for.'
  9. 'Admitting that he was not satisfied with the water supply in the capital, he assured us that his corporation was willing to do what was needed to correct the problems.'
  10. 'I want to be convinced the council acted prudently and want to be assured members' wishes were implemented by officers.'
  11. 'The chairman confirmed the company was seeking two new directors and assured everyone that they would be extremely independent.'
  12. 'He assured her that Pakistan had a positive and constructive attitude towards the ongoing bilateral talks.'
  13. 'How do you assure yourself that amongst 22 million people nobody has the motivation, the intention and the capability to carry out a terrorist attack?'
  14. 'This model has recognized that we can't assure ourselves completely that everything you put in that you need will be all that's needed down the road in the future.'
  15. 'We are so used to relying on quite primitive signals to assure ourselves of someone's identity, we do not imagine that things so real as clothes, context and behaviour might be merely costume, set and performance.'
  16. 'Consumers must assure themselves that a high standard of knowledge will be passed on to them, in simple and understandable terms, by an expert qualified to do just that.'
  17. 'I took a quick look inside and assured myself that there were documents inside - I didn't want to endure all of this only to discover that I had grabbed the wrong bag.'
  18. 'Have an endoscopy to assure yourself there is no ulceration.'
  19. 'We have to assure ourselves that others are not committing similar offenses and getting away with it.'
  20. 'We want to assure ourselves that it won't happen again.'
  21. 'We've decided that I should go have a quiet chat with the guy next week sometime, to assure ourselves that we're not priced too high and that we've done everything we can do to make the place desirable.'
Make (something) certain to happen.
  1. with clause 'their influence assured that the report would be tough'
  2. 'The footballers managed this feat with two rounds remaining before the end of the championships, as their eight-point advantage assured them of victory.'
  3. 'By opposing the war, the Liberal Party has virtually assured itself of a majority come the next election.'
  4. 'Victory was assured long before the final results came in as poll after poll showed him leading with a substantial margin.'
  5. 'This wonderfully funny book would go in and out of print throughout my life, proving that the fortunes of a book are not assured simply because it influences every writer who reads it.'
  6. 'Its integrity as a distinct species is assured.'
  7. 'The armour you created offers very good protection and it seems you've definitely managed to assure perfect mobility - this has been our main problem so far.'
  8. 'With the coalition holding 448 seats, her victory is practically assured.'
  9. 'Good marketing rather than inherent distinction assured the fame of the Victoria plum when it was first sold in 1844.'
  10. 'With the top three places resulting in automatic GB selection, John assured himself of a place in the team.'
  11. 'York needed to get six points out of the 14 at stake to assure themselves of a place in the final next month.'
  12. 'you would be assured of a welcome'
  13. 'On a tour in which the Australian management has vowed that no player is assured of a position, the two wingers are still unequalled in their positions after establishing themselves on the left and right wings.'
  14. 'Kingstonian received some rare good news this week when they were assured of a place in the Ryman Premier League next season.'
  15. 'If you feel like coming along with your toddler you can be assured of a warm welcome.'
  16. 'The narrow glens and rolling hills are nowhere near as popular as other areas of Scotland, so even on a summer's day you can almost be assured of some true peace and quiet.'
  17. 'For this to be realised, they must be assured of full religious liberty to pursue their mission.'
  18. 'He is also the first Canadian to win a major so he will be assured of a warm welcome north of the border!'
  19. 'Children who are not getting the attention they want from their parents often act out or misbehave because they are assured of being noticed that way.'
  20. 'In other words, India was assured of all but one medal even before the event commenced.'
  21. 'Here you can be assured of three things: a warm welcome, fabulous food and a lively atmosphere.'
  22. 'A Bradford adventurer is assured of a white Christmas this year - he plans to ski the whole length of Norway.'
Cover (a life) by assurance.
  1. 'Thirdly, if a bank is asked to take a security over a policy taken out by its holder on the life of another person, the bank has to satisfy itself that the holder has an insurable interest in the life assured.'
  2. 'The life assured is the bankrupt.'
  3. 'the sum assured can be paid as a lump sum'
  4. 'It provides for the payment of the sum assured and the bonus amount on the survival of the policyholder at the end of the selected term.'
  5. 'In the case of a fatality, the insured will receive the sum assured and then the maturity value.'
  6. 'These warn them that their policies are highly unlikely to produce the sum assured and that they may face a problem in the future.'
  7. 'How would this family prove it was the insurance company's incompetence that led to the lapsed life policy and thus claim the assured amount?'

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1. to declare earnestly to; inform or tell positively; state with confidence to: She assured us that everything would turn out all right.

2. to cause to know surely; reassure: He assured himself that no one was left on the bus.

3. to pledge or promise; give surety of; guarantee: He was assured a job in the spring.

4. to make (a future event) sure; ensure: This contract assures the company's profit this month.

5. to secure or confirm; r

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"stabilities can be assuring."

"safeties can be assuring."

"supplies can be assuring."

"securities can be assuring."

"restraints can be assuring."

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(assure)Late Middle English: from Old French assurer, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ (expressing change) + securus (see secure).