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Of or involving the association of things.
  1. 'First, the epidemiologic studies are associative and do not indicate a definite causal link between smoking and decreased risk of disease.'
  2. 'He seemed to know where everything was and, more than this, was able to summon from memory its aesthetic and associative merit.'
  3. 'The link between associative learning and fitness in such insects in not an obvious one.'
  4. 'Nevertheless, we chatted a bit about how inept we both were at making turkey and the associative guilt we felt at being relegated to mashing potatoes.'
  5. 'Like electronic media, your eye keeps flicking back and forth over the images trying to decipher them, creating little associative narratives in your mind.'
  6. 'There is some associative evidence that steroid use can increase the risk of prostate cancer, but this link has yet to be borne out in a laboratory setting.'
  7. 'The wildly associative script skips through historical periods as well as genres, and one of the high points is an incredibly dynamic, eight-page verse monologue.'
  8. 'This involves a form of associative learning (learning from the association between an action and the reinforcer), rather than any insight.'
  9. 'Full of associative forms, his works are often question marks that invite multiple interpretations.'
  10. 'The experience of associative discovery is lost.'
  11. 'In PHP, we can access these HTTP request variables by way of the associative array.'
  12. 'There's an eight-way associative cache line for resolving conflicts on a LRU basis.'
  13. 'At the very top of the range, you might find a fully associative cache.'
Involving the condition that a group of quantities connected by operators gives the same result whatever their grouping, i.e. in whichever order the operations are performed, as long as the order of the quantities remains the same, e.g. (a × b) × c = a × (b × c).
  1. 'He then extended his father's work on associative algebras and worked on mathematical logic and set theory.'
  2. 'We may be informed, for example, that the numbers have a dense linear ordering, that there are associative and commutative operations of addition and multiplication, and so on.'


1. pertaining to or resulting from association.

2. tending to associate or unite.

3. Mathematics, Logic. (of an operation on a set of elements) giving an equivalent expression when elements are grouped without change of order, as (a + b) + c = a + (b + c). having reference to this property: associative law of multiplication.

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"learnings can be associative."

"strengths can be associative."

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"adjectives can be associative."

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