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Help (someone), typically by doing a share of the work.
  1. no object 'their presence would assist in keeping the peace'
  2. 'Davis said the police were assisting the people to transport their belongings to their various homes and would also assist in the clean-up.'
  3. 'They would also assist the senior students in their film projects, and interact with the faculty.'
  4. 'In this model the regular education teacher and the special education teacher collaborate to assist the included child.'
  5. 'The plan, claim supporters, will assist farmers and ranchers dealing with severe losses caused by last year's weather.'
  6. 'Likewise he is banned from encouraging, inciting or assisting any person to commit any acts of anti-social behaviour.'
  7. 'As the second stooped to assist her fallen friend, who should walk towards the hotel entrance but their hero.'
  8. 'They've provided free accommodation and assisted him in a several ways.'
  9. 'I followed him to the front of the coach, and he assisted me as I climbed atop the driver's bench.'
  10. 'The foundation combines emotional, physical and academic programs to assist the children who need it the most.'
  11. 'The sickness and invalids benefit strategy is showing encouraging results in assisting people to recover and return to employment.'
  12. no object 'funds to assist with capital investment'
  13. 'The money raised will assist GOAL in the provision of medical care and the distribution of food and household items in South East Asia.'
  14. 'There is no general obligation on health professionals to disclose confidential information in order to assist the police with the investigation of crimes.'
  15. 'The footage could also be passed onto police to assist with inquiries.'
  16. 'Max appealed to the community to come forward with information that could assist police in their investigation.'
  17. 'Sometimes they were assisted with money to buy medicines or helped with other misfortunes.'
  18. 'For half a century volunteers have been a strong force for creating effective change through raising money to assist the work of the Save the Children Fund.'
  19. 'These people may have vital information which could assist the police in identifying the attacker.'
  20. 'I would urge anyone who has information which could assist police to come forward.'
  21. 'They include transportation and can assist with information regarding on- and off-resort activities.'
  22. 'He also appealed to residents to come forward with whatever information that might assist police in their investigations.'
  23. 'The summary is presented to assist in understanding the financial statements.'
  24. 'Yet, exercise professionals can assist clients by encouraging the idea that exercise is a priority.'
  25. 'He will be long remembered by his colleagues for untiring attention to all aspects of his work, unfailing courtesy and easy availability to assist and advise.'
  26. 'The difference in the instant case is that it is left to the common law to provide the answer, no statutory framework is present to assist.'
  27. 'No subtitles are present to assist, although they would be welcome when the Australian accents are prevalent.'
  28. 'She also very graciously assisted in the awards presentation that was done around the pool on the Saturday evening.'
  29. 'Rainbows is a peers support programme to assist children or adults who are grieving a death or separation.'
  30. 'It is hoped that all three local councillors will be able to be present to assist in the process.'
  31. 'Filtering software and technologies can assist, but not replace parental supervision.'
  32. 'He's been out there and up all night assisting under the leadership of the Coast Guard and Suffolk County Police.'


An act of giving help, typically by providing money.
  1. 'Fortunately, the counselors reacted quickly and performed a reach assist while the camper was still under water.'
  2. 'So the affable coach donned an apron and joined the kitchen staff in a playful assist.'
  3. 'With an assist from his brother who ‘got my resume to Bremer,’ he landed interviews that led to his appointment.'
  4. 'And with an assist from the police, they were able to provide it.'
  5. 'He also had five rebounds, four assists, and forced two jump balls with aggressive defense.'
  6. 'It's no exaggeration to state that a great assist is the sign of intelligent, team-first basketball, the type of hoops everyone wants to see.'
  7. 'Ironically, his largest splash was made with his arm, as he had two outfield assists in just five games.'
  8. 'Even though she's the state's fifth all-time leading scorer, she'd rather just as soon pass the ball, get a great assist or bring the ball up the court under pressure.'
  9. 'For the week, he was 6th in scoring, 4th in assists, 5th in rebounding, and 3rd in steals.'
  10. 'You don't have to rely on teammates for an assist, there's no variance in the shot's distance, and there is no defender.'
  11. 'He finished the season fourth in the American League in both assists and double plays.'
  12. 'A basketball player who averages both 10 rebounds and 10 assists per game is like a baseball player who leads the league in both home runs and saves.'
  13. 'He led the American League in batting once, home runs once, assists three times and fielding twice, but never gained a stolen base title.'
  14. 'His scoring, rebounding, assists, free-throw shooting, and minutes all set career highs.'

More definitions

1. to give support or aid to; help: Please assist him in moving the furniture.

2. to be associated with as an assistant or helper. verb (used without object)

3. to give aid or help.

4. to be present, as at a meeting or ceremony. noun

5. Sports. Baseball. a play that helps to put out a batter or base runner. Basketball, Ice Hockey. a play that helps a teammate in gaining a goal. the official credit scored for such plays.

6. a helpful act: She finished her

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"people can be assist in things."

"markets can be assist in things."

"deputies can be assist in managements."

"deputies can be assist in departments."

"commitments can be assist in things."

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Late Middle English: from Old French assister, from Latin assistere ‘take one's stand by’, from ad- ‘to, at’ + sistere ‘take one's stand’.