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Make a physical attack on.
  1. 'she was sexually assaulted as a child'
  2. 'A teaching assistant has been cleared of assaulting a teenager who bombarded his house with snowballs.'
  3. 'Militants assaulted business managers and extorted money they claimed was compensation for unfair dismissals.'
  4. 'He later pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer and was sentenced to one day in jail.'
  5. 'In the parking lot of the center, Alice was assaulted, knocked down, and her purse was stolen.'
  6. 'He also assaulted a woman by slapping her when she refused to give him money.'
  7. 'But his character towards her quickly changed as he began regularly assaulting her, including punching her in the stomach causing her to lose their baby.'
  8. 'Apparently, on Sunday, August 18, he assaulted his wife, beating her up pretty badly.'
  9. 'He pleaded guilty to assaulting the sergeant on June 24.'
  10. 'The gang assaulted the couple with clubs, pliers and a torch.'
  11. 'Groups of teenagers slap or otherwise assault unsuspecting members of the public and record the incident on their camera phones.'
  12. 'You have to assault an enemy position but also prevent bombs from going off or files from being destroyed.'
  13. 'The safest way to assault this position was via a barely-negotiable, very steep, thorn bush-covered slope.'
  14. 'But as more and more rebel soldiers assault the extraction zone, the beleaguered marines prepare for a last stand.'
  15. 'Sixty enemy combatants in fortified positions assaulted the platoon.'
  16. 'He identified the location of the enemy, and determined the precise point in which to assault the enemy.'
  17. 'Call me old fashioned, but I still have problems with assaulting a refugee camp with bulldozers.'
  18. 'Air raids began last Thursday and troops started the ground assault the following day.'
  19. 'Subsequent reports indicated he probably died from friendly fire, although still while trying to heroically assault an enemy position.'
  20. 'Salty air assaulted her nostrils and whipped her hair into a tangle.'
  21. 'The chorus of the surrounding forest assaulted my battered brain.'
  22. 'Open the door and the ears are practically assaulted with bird calls.'
  23. 'Before I got very far, however, an unpleasant sight assaulted me.'
  24. 'When we entered, our ears were assaulted by the hideous muzak dripping from the sound system.'
  25. 'Does every sorority slasher flick have to assault our ears with the negligible talents of a really lousy frathouse party band?'
  26. 'The two men winced as the sound assaulted their ears.'
  27. 'A burst of noise and activity assaulted her ears as she walked in.'
  28. 'The wind picked up suddenly and the familiar beat of a helicopter assaulted her ears.'
  29. 'The boy tapped his laptop in time to the discordant music assaulting his ears.'


A physical attack.
  1. 'a sexual assault'
  2. 'Physical assault on women by intimate partners is recognized widely as a leading cause of injury to women in the United States.'
  3. 'On every fifth day, an average teacher will be assaulted or witness an assault on staff.'
  4. 'Two vicious crimes, a serious sexual assault and a brutal attack, happened at almost the same time in different parts of town.'
  5. 'Any obstruction or physical assault on his person, while discharging his official duties, should be viewed seriously.'
  6. 'The 1999 incident represented the third physical assault on the courageous activist in recent years.'
  7. 'Sexual assault and violence toward women were taboo subjects and under-reported.'
  8. 'Activities such as theft can lead the offenders to worse crimes like homicide and sexual assaults.'
  9. 'In 1885 corporal punishment was included in section four of the Criminal Law Amendment Act as the penalty for a sexual assault on a girl under thirteen years of age.'
  10. 'Other recent violent attacks include an assault on a couple who asked two boys to switch off their mobile phones during a film.'
  11. 'The arrested woman was detained in connection with an allegation of controlling prostitutes for gain and also on suspicion of a violent assault on another woman.'
  12. mass noun 'he appeared in court charged with assault'
  13. 'The father was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm, but was acquitted.'
  14. 'He has previous convictions for theft, robbery and assault causing actual bodily harm.'
  15. 'troops began an assault on the city'
  16. 'So can we expect an military assault version of the two-wheeled wonder?'
  17. 'Owing to the fact that modem operations have an air-land character, combating enemy airborne assault and raid forces is acquiring special urgency.'
  18. 'Frontal assaults were always attempted as a last resort, but they were costly, and their failures eroded political resolve back home.'
  19. 'As battles raged across the city centre, 15 militants mounted an assault on a police station near the airport.'
  20. 'A military assault on the country cannot be ruled out - at least in the long term.'
  21. 'The series begins with a ferocious military assault on Israel.'
  22. 'On another occasion during his 11-month tour he led three assaults on an enemy position until it finally fell.'
  23. 'In response, the army launched a military assault on the facility in which the men were being held, demolishing parts of the building.'
  24. 'Least of all should we cheer-lead a military assault on an already terrified, bloody and starving country.'
  25. 'I began to write a response - from the safety of my nice cosy flat - when the news came through that the military assault had begun.'
  26. 'After an unusually ferocious verbal assault on a member of parliament, he was pronounced insane and shipped off to an asylum in Chiswick.'
  27. 'Chris then waited four seconds before resuming his verbal assault on Patrick's frayed nerves.'
  28. 'Reid nodded before continuing his verbal assault on the clerk.'
  29. 'Then he thought of his own limitations and knew he was not proof against his father's verbal assaults.'
  30. 'The woman who claims to have given ‘a little lip’ to the security officer probably launched an all-out verbal assault on the man.'
  31. 'I was barely able to keep up with the barrage of verbal assaults coming my way.'
  32. 'Instead he stood on the step on the driver's side, half in and half out, slowly unfurled his considerable frame to its full height, and began his verbal assault.'
  33. 'This is made evident by the fact that young Protestant girls from neighbouring schools also joined in the protest as they lanced verbal assaults at their Catholic peers.'
  34. 'He continued his verbal assault even as everyone tried to silence him.'
  35. 'The constables heap a series of verbal assaults on her, with outrageous comments about her moral behaviour and attitude, for travelling alone with men in the middle of the night.'
A concerted attempt to do something demanding.
  1. 'These are hectic days for him and the Irish Chamber Orchestra is now primed for a serious assault on the competitive world of concert performances.'

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1. a sudden, violent attack; onslaught: an assault on tradition.

2. Law. an unlawful physical attack upon another; an attempt or offer to do violence to another, with or without battery, as by holding a stone or club in a threatening manner.

3. Military. the stage of close combat in an attack.

4. rape1 . verb (used with object)

5. to make an assault upon; attack; assail.

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"people can be assaulting."

"scores can be assaulting."

"polices can be assaulting."

"patients can be assaulting."

"coaches can be assaulting."

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(assault)Middle English: from Old French asaut (noun), assauter (verb), based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + saltare, frequentative of salire ‘to leap’. Compare with assail.