Adjective "aslant" definition and examples

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At an angle or in a sloping direction.
  1. 'If we accept that our knowledge of a genre will affect our response to the work then what appears to reside in that particular genre, however aslant the work might appear will be viewed with reference to that particular ‘symbol system.’'


Across (something) at an angle.
  1. 'The paint seems to have been blown across the canvas by the wind, the solid forms lying aslant the canvas like plants flattened after a storm, the vertical drips of the residue testifying to the impact made by the passing devastation.'

More definitions

1. at a slant; slantingly; obliquely. adjective

2. slanting or on a slant; oblique. preposition

3. slantingly across; athwart.

More examples(as adjective)

"austrians can be aslant to worlds."

"austrians can be aslant."