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Say something in order to obtain an answer or some information.
  1. with object 'people are always asking questions'
  2. no object 'the old man asked about her job'
  3. 'As I have said if he doesn't like my answers, he should ask better questions.'
  4. 'I have no care plan that I am aware of, when I once asked about it I was given a vague answer about not everyone having one.'
  5. 'We'd be asked sort of general questions, and then asked to ramble answers that might one day be useful.'
  6. 'Of course, questions should be asked about past maintenance, but that will not solve the hazard posed here and now.'
  7. 'Many obstacles are encountered when asking and answering questions about how to care for patients.'
  8. 'There is an old adage in survey work - the questions you ask determine the answers you get.'
  9. 'The next morning my consultant asked about events during the night, and I mentioned the referral.'
  10. 'We've seem them fritter away hours of valuable time asking and answering trivial questions that could easily have been settled by a phone call or two.'
  11. 'He hadn't answered her when she asked if he had been okay, just stood up and walked away.'
  12. 'Questions are being asked about whether this was coincidence or conspiracy.'
  13. 'We have got a lot of people asking around and the local youngsters are upset about it so they are making inquiries too.'
  14. 'She thought the dog had been dumped there and was asking around all week if anyone had lost a dog.'
  15. 'You can invent your own roving itinerary, circumnavigating by jeep or bike or kayak, camping on the beach or overnighting in the host homes you'll find in most villages just by asking around.'
  16. 'He said: ‘I'm now asking around, trying to get hold of a tandem to hire.’'
  17. 'In order to keep her new identity a tight secret it bans journalists from even asking around for information about her new name or whereabouts, let alone publishing the details.'
  18. 'We asked around a lot and people told us that the clothes and so on seem to date back to the early 50s.'
  19. 'After much asking around, he managed to find out where the man lived.'
  20. 'I have been asking around to see if anyone has seen two white fantail doves.'
  21. 'This week I needed to get some commonly used cells from a few different places, so this involved asking around.'
  22. 'I started asking around among those friends who had literature degrees, English degrees, well-read others, but have found no one who can tell me the name of any myth about a horse eating nothing but rose petals.'
  23. 'if I see him I'll tell him you were asking after him'
  24. 'Crammed into eight lines in block capitals, the postcards ask after family and friends and wish a happy birthday to a much-loved brother.'
  25. 'Many of his regular customers who had known him for years asked after him and wished him well.'
  26. 'I asked after his dad, off on holiday in Majorca, and his uncle, who is the guy that's going to do my new roof for me.'
  27. 'I also know someone who I considered one of my better friends knows I was attacked, because his girlfriend has been asking after my welfare, but he hasn't been in touch at all.'
  28. 'Instead she went to the village barber who acted as the local surgeon and asked after the health of her opponent.'
  29. 'I would like to thank everyone who phoned to ask after Matt.'
  30. 'If they don't see me for a while, they ask after me.'
  31. 'The look she gave her was full of understanding and Diana felt that Virginia wasn't asking after her health.'
  32. 'She wasn't saying much today, other than to ask after my wife and baby.'
  33. 'He asked after my parents and enquired into the wellbeing of my wife and kids.'
Say to (someone) that one wants them to do or give something.
  1. with object and infinitive 'I asked him to call the manager'
  2. 'He wasn't asked to plea during his appearance today and did not ask for bail.'
  3. 'My cohort noticed a sign asking people to please not put cigarettes out on the carpet.'
  4. 'If you would like to join up for these lessons, you are asked to register for the course as soon as possible.'
  5. 'I think when your boss asks you to sign a waiver, that's not a voluntary action on your part.'
  6. 'To continue the footballing analogy, it is like asking footballers to sign a formal declaration before each game that they will not cheat and will always play fair.'
  7. 'This will give you a separate e-mail address you can give any time any site asks you to register.'
  8. 'A sign has been erected asking people to take away any rubbish from the graveyard and not to just dump it in the corner as was previously the situation.'
  9. 'If you can make this commitment we ask you to sign the registration sheet that is available at the back of church.'
  10. 'If you do get the promise of a concession by special request, ask for written confirmation from the airline.'
  11. 'Is it too much to ask for to have at least one popular or semi-popular boy ask me to one of the dances or even out for pizza.'
  12. 'Many of them have put up signs in their windows asking drivers to cut their speed to no more than 20 mph.'
  13. with infinitive 'he asked to see the officer involved'
  14. 'You find yourself asking permission to do things all the time.'
  15. 'We also need to ask the chief's permission to kayak down his tribe's river.'
  16. 'But this story about Tivo asking the FCC for permission to add new features is changing my mind.'
  17. 'Jenny - what woman in their right mind would ask her ex for permission to date her next boyfriend?'
  18. 'I knew it was about my father, but it felt like she was asking me permission to ask something about him.'
  19. 'Bruno takes honey from a beehive, which teaches him the importance of asking permission and of giving to others.'
  20. 'Without waiting on permission or asking his Commanding Officer he led two hundred men.'
  21. 'One French client asks for a Canadian airman because he ‘prefers the [Québécois] accent.’'
  22. 'Natasha, forcing a sly smile, asks for the host.'
  23. 'It's not even as if the price America was being asked was so awful.'
  24. 'I would probably have taken half the asked amount just to get the thing off my hands.'
  25. 'However, he felt the price residents were being asked to pay was too high.'
  26. 'No, Olympic Plaza isn't Broadway, but then this Guys and Dolls isn't asking Broadway prices, either.'
  27. 'On the way out, it occurred to me that if they sold everything on that table for the prices they were asking, they would probably make up a third of the film's budget.'
  28. 'With her injury still clearly troubling her, it is asking a lot to expect her to come back.'
  29. 'It is also asking a lot to expect players to repeat such a performance within days in a European competition.'
  30. 'To ask them to take something from theater or dance or music, to see the indirect sources of creativity that they could use is asking them a lot.'
  31. 'Is it also too much to ask that album reviews provide some idea of what to expect from the record in question?'
  32. 'It's far more demanding and you are asking a lot of part-time players to make that step up.'
  33. 'Nobody is any longer asking them to apologise for the past: the demands for apology are now focused on the government.'
  34. 'All members are asked to attend and new members are invited to the meeting.'
Invite (someone) to one's home or a function.
  1. 'she asked him round for a drink'
  2. 'do you want to ask him along?'
  3. 'Jonathan looked at her with an embarrassed smile, ‘I actually I was considering asking you along but couldn't work up the nerve.’'
  4. 'He doesn't ask me along, and I don't feel comfortable asking him if I can go if he doesn't want me to come.'
  5. 'I concluded that I was asked along as a member of the ladies football fraternity, and so thought it best to bring a colleague.'
  6. 'Maybe we could ask Beth along as well, that would be fun.'
  7. '‘Yea,’ said Ian smiling, flattered that Rich has asked him along.'
  8. '‘You asked me along to remedy any wounds that might be inflicted upon your men - or even Adam or you,’ she said.'
  9. 'I want to encourage people to ask me along, whether they want me to give a talk, or offer advice.'
  10. 'Nobody's calling you or asking you along to the Royal College of Art.'
  11. 'Yeah, he's a great friend and all, but I just never expected that you would ask him along!'
  12. 'An abundance of alcohol leads the boys to let their proverbial hair down; they ask Verdu along on a summer road trip, thinking she'll never say yes.'
  13. 'She says I have to call her as soon as Aaron asks me out on a real date.'
  14. 'Then again, I sent a stranger a fake story in order to get him to call and ask me out on a date.'
  15. 'As one candidate said, ‘It's like asking someone out on a date, and on top of that, they pay.’'
  16. 'I'm surprised that you weren't asked out on dates every second!'
  17. 'She asks why he never called her after their first date, and then asks him out again.'
  18. 'Here I thought he was actually expecting me to find a gift for his mother… when he was asking me out on another date!'
  19. 'It's like asking someone out for a date - perseverance never hurts when it comes to getting what you want.'
  20. 'It was foolish of me to assume he was asking me out on a date.'
  21. 'Have any of your customers ever asked you out on a date?'
  22. 'If he asks you out on a date, say no, sorry, you have a boyfriend and aren't interested.'


A demand or situation that requires a specified degree of effort or commitment.
  1. 'it was a tough ask, but they delivered'
  2. 'It's always a big ask, and cases against the powerful are difficult cases, but that's what courts are for, and it's the responsibility of those who are there to enforce the law to take on difficult cases.'
  3. 'I have got another year of my degree to go, and I know playing professional rugby and doing my degree would be a big ask.'
A request, especially for a donation.
  1. as modifier 'ask prices for bonds'

More definitions

1. to put a question to; inquire of: I asked him but he didn't answer.

2. to request information about: to ask the way.

3. to try to get by using words; request: to ask advice; to ask a favor.

4. to solicit from; request of: Could I ask you a favor? Ask her for advice.

5. to demand; expect: What price are they asking? A little silence is all I ask.

6. to set a price of: to ask $20 for the hat.

7. to call for; need; require: This experiment asks pa

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be ask for helps."

"people can be ask over problems."

"people can be ask for discounts."

"people can be ask about people."

"versions can be ask for parties."

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Old English āscian, āhsian, āxian, of West Germanic origin.


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be asking for trouble (or it)
don't ask me!
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