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Go up or climb.
  1. no object 'we had ascended 3,000 ft'
  2. 'As the door widens, we return to the shot showing him ascending the stairs.'
  3. '‘Same to you Lord Wellington,’ I said before ascending the stairs.'
  4. 'With that, we both ascended the stairs up to the top floor.'
  5. 'Madison leaves the room and slowly ascends the stairs, listening to the continuing discussion.'
  6. 'Corinne, seeing a movement out of the corner of her eye, looked up and saw Carla ascending the stairs.'
  7. 'Releasing her hand, he ascended the staircase two stairs at a time.'
  8. 'After ascending the elliptical stairs past a couple small galleries, one is immediately struck by the bright orange carpet laid across most of the fourth floor.'
  9. 'Upon entering and ascending the stairs, we checked our coats and stepped into what would become quite the memorable evening.'
  10. 'At the end of the interval he ascended the stairs.'
  11. 'Dinah wanted to scowl back at him, but she held it down, smiling sweetly instead before ascending the stairs to get away from her parents and their prying questions.'
  12. 'The climbers will ascend the mountains of Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England and Snowdon in Wales as part of their trek.'
  13. 'As he ascended the mountain, he was surrounded by thousands of his companions reciting the talbiyah and the takbir.'
  14. 'We began to ascend the hill and for a while we had to concentrate on nothing more than the slippery climb.'
  15. 'As we ascended a rolling mountain, a man crossed the road ahead of the bus and waved the driver over.'
  16. 'She slowly ascended the little hill, and reached the back porch.'
  17. 'To that end, Mount Eerie is a five-song story cycle about a boy who is born, greets the sun, ascends a mountain, dies, and then has a massive, post-mortem revelation.'
  18. 'As Clyde ascended the mountain, the sky began to clear.'
  19. 'The emotional turmoil naturally accompanying Jotham's situation inspired him to ascend the hill and shout to the men of Shechem to listen to his story.'
  20. 'Back then we had planned to ascend the mountain in traditional style, positioning camps as we climbed, and we had established Camp One at about 19,000 feet.'
  21. 'On our mountain safari we ascend spectacular mountain passes, traverse hairpin bends, rolling green hills and dramatic and awe-inspiring sandstone cliffs.'
  22. 'salmon ascend rivers from the sea to spawn'
  23. 'Our plan was to find a guide with a boat, then ascend 20 miles up the Río Jaqué to the heart of the national park.'
  24. 'fish of the genus Alosa in the herring family, normally live in the sea but ascend rivers in the spring to spawn; and that is when they are caught and are at their best for eating.'
  25. 'He was no longer planning to ascend hundreds of miles up the Missouri River before winter.'
Rise or move up through the air.
  1. 'True flyers can thus move horizontally or even ascend at a steady speed, unlike gliders and parachutists (unless a strong wind carries one up).'
  2. 'As the lift ascends, it passes the Great East Window, giving a close-up view of the toll the weather and environment has taken on the glass and masonry over the past six centuries.'
  3. 'Everyone looked over, stared at Carmen, then proceeded to mumble their greetings and introductions as the lift ascended.'
  4. 'The professors told the students that the distance of 46 kilometres, ascending from 1,700 feet at Mettupalayam to 7,300 feet in Ooty, is considered the steepest in Asia.'
  5. 'Within less than a millionth of a second, this vapor expands into a highly luminous mass of burning air and nuclear material that ascends on its own far up into the atmosphere, reaching widths as large as thousands of feet across.'
  6. 'Slowly her feet lifted off the ground and she ascended into the air.'
  7. 'A short walk from the cathedral is a cable car, which ascends around half a mile to provide an impressive view of the island and the surrounding fjords.'
  8. 'All through the service balloons ascended, but when it was over 1/3 of the balloons were unreleased.'
  9. 'With screaming engines they would sweep deep down, fire at everything that moved and then in the same motion would ascend again towards a sky that did not care.'
  10. 'Reciler followed and the lift started to ascend automatically.'
  11. 'a gently ascending forest track'
  12. 'Mary Lipsett had warned us that the road would deteriorate as it ascended into the range - Mary was right.'
  13. 'The sea caverns went on for many miles, gently sloping upward and finally ascending into an open air cave somewhere on the Alaskan coastline.'
  14. 'Leading up to the lobby, its glass doors proudly displaying the Union symbol in frosted white, was a wide flight of steps, ascending gently from the sidewalk.'
  15. 'The road becomes a gravel track and begins to ascend through silver birch as the hills start closing in.'
  16. 'The stairs would do any Scarlett O'Hara justice in that the first landing leads to a bathroom, then ascends by a further five steps to the first bedroom.'
  17. 'During the summer he takes visitors up the tower's 134 spiral stone steps, but the staircase narrows and the headroom reduces as it ascends and people have to stoop for the final few yards.'
  18. 'As the road ascends from the green covered hillside to the cactus covered plains, it quickly gets colder, especially as it approaches the snow-capped mountains at around 5,000 metres.'
  19. 'The road was beginning to ascend now, the landscape dotted with pine trees.'
  20. 'some executives ascend to top-level positions'
  21. 'All we had wanted to do was make an appearance, and maybe then we'd be able to ascend the social hierarchy at school.'
  22. 'Instead he moved straight into the family firm, ascending the ranks as he grew older.'
  23. 'Nomaga had become something of an enigmatic legend in the School, as he had ascended ranks faster than the vast majority could lay claim to.'
  24. 'But in terms of a career, somebody ascending up some ladder, that's not something I've experienced at all - largely because I decided to become a freelance writer.'
  25. 'The hierarchy is a strict queue, meaning that members of the queue ascend in rank only when an individual in front of them dies.'
  26. 'By racing, players can ascend in level and rank to build up their reputation and weekly in-game salary.'
  27. 'In addition, there are bit players and extras, who may or may not ascend through the ranks to become stars or character actors.'
  28. 'She ascends the ranks through her own skill and the misfortunes of other dancers, but never achieves a status so lofty that she can afford to quit her waitressing job at night.'
  29. 'She ascended quickly, rising above the levels of middle management right to the executive levels.'
  30. 'The answer would seem obvious, especially for managers who have ascended through the ranks.'
  31. 'the risen and ascended Christ'
  32. 'Would he ascend to heaven or drop ungraciously to hell?'
  33. 'They would then ascend into heaven in broad daylight, as the Chinese phrase has it.'
  34. 'Once they have gone past a certain point, they either ascend to heaven or are condemned to hell.'
  35. 'Peter, the apostle perhaps closest in friendship to Jesus, would have been present when the disciples saw Jesus ascend into heaven.'
  36. 'On the other hand, there is a mystical advantage to standing at the Western Wall, the spot where all prayers ultimately ascend to heaven.'
  37. 'His feet are several inches from the ground, as if he were levitating like a saint or martyr ascending to heaven.'
  38. 'It might ascend to heaven, or descend to hell, go off into some sort of parallel world, or occupy some other body, human or animal.'
  39. 'They will give no serious consideration to the claims that Jesus was born of a virgin mother or that he left the tomb and ascended to heaven in his risen body.'
  40. 'The text says nothing about the woman ascending into heaven to acquire a heavenly position.'
  41. 'One of the sergeants, Maximus, claimed that he saw their spirits ascending to heaven during their executions, and he was then beaten to death.'
  42. 'Then the same voice, seeming to ascend still higher, cried to me: "Come hither and see!"'
  43. 'The set begins with repeated root-position chords as triplets, ascending stepwise in C major, and provides the basis for most of the book.'
  44. 'There are 12 pitch classes, and these notes are continually repeated as they ascend in pitch height.'
  45. 'This sequence always seems to ascend in pitch, although the first and the last tone is identical.'
  46. 'As you ascend, you will feel the voice wanting to shift somewhere around D or E above Middle C.'
  47. 'Now, as you ascend higher, try to let the voice be as free from tension as possible.'
  48. 'The melody, ascending into the upper registers for the chorus, punctuates the emotion in the lyrics.'
  49. 'The song ascends into an atmospheric ending that feels like the swirls that a major crush produces in the center of your chest, spinning color wheels that could burst from your throat at any second.'

More definitions

1. to move, climb, or go upward; mount; rise: The airplane ascended into the clouds.

2. to slant upward.

3. to rise to a higher point, rank, or degree; proceed from an inferior to a superior degree or level: to ascend to the presidency.

4. to go toward the source or beginning; go back in time.

5. Music. to rise in pitch; pass from any tone to a higher one. verb (used with object)

6. to go or move upward upon or along; climb; mount: to ascend a lookout t

More examples(as adjective)

"people/places/organizations can be ascend."


Late Middle English: from Latin ascendere, from ad- ‘to’ + scandere ‘to climb’.


ascend the throne