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Relating to or denoting a people speaking an Indo-European language who invaded northern India in the 2nd millennium BC, displacing the Dravidian and other aboriginal peoples.
  1. 'If the horse is a conclusive sign of Aryan presence, then it is in India long before the Harappan Civilization in Neolithic sites.'
  2. 'Making use of recent archaeological findings, the author gives an overview of the so-called Aryan problem which has distorted the roots of ancient India's history and therefore of Indian civilization.'
  3. 'Early Vedic texts make a distinction between the ordinary members of the Aryan tribe that had subjugated much of northern India and the warrior nobility referred to as the Ksatriya.'
  4. 'With its roots in early Western scholarship, it was this view, of a great Aryan race and civilization, that later became popular with Hindu nationalists.'
  5. 'Some time in the second millennium BCE the Aryan people arrived in north-west India.'
  6. 'The use of honey was taken to India by its Aryan invaders and became associated with religious rites.'
  7. 'Iran may observe the most militant form of Islam, but when the question of their ethnic origin arises, the Iranians proudly claim their Aryan descent.'
  8. 'They took steps to divide Hindus and Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, upper castes and lower castes, Aryan North and Dravidian South.'
  9. 'Dravidians, who were ‘second class' citizens in Aryan kingdoms, were dark.'
  10. 'This seemingly incongruous role-reversal serves to bolster Mann's depiction of the subversive nature of the relationship between the Aryan and Dravidian elements of the story.'
  11. 'The film ROSENSTRASSE is based on events, which took place in Berlin in 1943 when Aryan spouses of Jews held a vigil outside the centre in which their husbands and wives were being held, awaiting deportation.'
  12. 'When Austrian Jews either died in concentration camps or were forced to flee the country, their property was taken over by Aryan Austrians, the great majority of whom refused to give it back after the war.'
  13. 'In Gottingen, it was Aryan academics who encouraged the dismissal of their Jewish colleagues.'
  14. 'The Berlin Olympics, best remembered for Hitler's failed attempts to transform them into an Aryan propaganda campaign, had been dominated by American athlete Jesse Owens and his remarkable haul of four gold medals.'
  15. 'Finally, it is also possible that particularly men stemming from the lower strata of German society felt a certain attraction to the idea of ruling over other peoples as the proud representatives of the Aryan Herrenvolk.'
  16. 'They believe the Jews control the U.S. government and are out to destroy the Aryan race.'
  17. 'On 7 April 1933 the Nazis passed a law which, under clause three, ordered the retirement of civil servants who were not of Aryan descent, with exemptions for participants in World War I and pre-war officials.'
  18. 'The Nazis viewed homosexuality as a sickness linked to a Jewish plot to weaken Aryan men.'
  19. 'This idea went so far that Hitler asserted there was an Aryan science and that Albert Einstein was incorrect simply because he was a Jew.'
  20. 'In Germany, only Aryan women were considered sufficiently evolved to be capable of fulfilling the maternal role or of bearing fit children.'


A member of the ancient Aryan people.
  1. 'The Aryans were supposedly the ancestors of the Greeks, Persians, Indians, Scandinavians, Anglo-Saxons & Germans.'
  2. 'Therefore, argued Mueller, after Adam and Eve, it would have taken a 1,000 years or so to populate Europe (with pure Aryans, of course).'
  3. 'In response, Abduh indicated that the present culture of Europe did not originate from the Aryans and the Greeks, but from contact with the Semitic nations.'
  4. 'Unlike Aryan Christians, neopagan Aryans acknowledged that Christ was a Jew - and for that reason rejected Christianity.'
  5. 'Together with Mehregan (entrance of Libra to the house of Sun), it was one of the ‘two’ New Years of the ancient Aryans.'
  6. 'Holi is an ancient festival of the Aryans, mentioned in 4,500-year-old Sanskrit texts.'
  7. 'He seems likely to have been a chief god of the Aryans, who invaded the Indian subcontinent in the second millennium BCE.'
  8. 'Cattle were the most valued possession of the Aryan, signifying wealth and ability to make great sacrifices to the gods.'
  9. 'But some scholars assert that fair skinned Aryans invaded India during 1500 BC and defeated dark skinned Dravidians and pushed them into South India.'
  10. 'Archeological remains further indicate intermittent and devastating floods around this time and possible invasions by the Aryans, whose epics refer to their conquest of walled cities.'
  11. 'To a scientifically trained person, genetics of course cannot tell if some people living thousands of years ago were Aryan speakers or Dravidic speakers.'
  12. 'Once Ernst's divorce comes through and he remarries, Lilli no longer has the protection of being the Jewish wife of an Aryan.'
  13. 'I remember from my childhood the decent Germans, so-called Aryans who, being opponents of the Nazi regime, disappeared into concentration camps in and after 1933.'
  14. 'It made much of the long-distance triumphs of the Finns (perhaps reckoned Aryan by twisted Nazi science), but I was struck by image after image of black athletes taking their places on the winners' rostrum.'
  15. 'He believed that speedy action was necessary in order to prevent what he saw as a grave threat - that is, that the ‘subhuman’ Slavic races would eventually outnumber the Aryans.'
  16. 'We are shown park benches for Jews only and for Aryans only.'
  17. 'There he was with black hair, as far away as he could come in appearance from the Aryans, the master race with which he wanted to populate the earth.'
  18. 'In Jung's view, the problem was largely one of shadow projection, the Aryans projecting their shadow on to the Jews, and vice versa.'
  19. 'Hitler said that the Aryans were a pretty much divine race of supermen, different in kind from other lower races of men.'
  20. 'Because Hitler regarded the Slavs as inferior to the Aryans, he considered that they should not be afforded the privilege of serving in the German armed forces.'
  21. 'He comes to believe that Aryans must develop a similar rigor with regard to ‘race’ and collective identity.'


1. Ethnology. a member or descendant of the prehistoric people who spoke Indo-European.

2. (in Nazi doctrine) a non-Jewish Caucasian, especially of Nordic stock.

3. (formerly) Indo-European.

4. (formerly) Indo-Iranian. adjective

5. of or relating to an Aryan or the Aryans.

6. (formerly) Indo-European.

7. (formerly) Indo-Iranian.

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(Aryan)From Sanskrit ārya ‘noble’ + -an.