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Making a strong, affected, or pretentious display of being artistic or interested in the arts.
  1. 'a very arty film'
  2. 'Even if you have a problem with all of the arty pretension, there's some great drums at the very least.'
  3. 'Punch Drunk Love is quirky and stylish, but not in a manner that comes across as overly artsy or pretentious.'
  4. 'Their songs sound a tad pretentious and arty now, but you can't go wrong with the music and energy.'
  5. 'Rich has swapped daring disco days for mediocre middle-age, a comfort zone of arty films and fruity red wines.'
  6. 'Maybe he was afraid his film wasn't yet arty enough for the poseurs at the festivals.'
  7. 'Bunker is chic and arty without being too pretentious, and its friendly, laid-back vibe is infectious.'
  8. 'I do not usually sit down and watch The English Patient or other such artsy films.'
  9. 'She's the one who frequents the repertory cinemas watching obscure, artsy flicks and documentaries.'
  10. 'Going to see Cirque du Soleil is downright artsy and cultural, and it's fun and exciting.'
  11. 'Where am I going to go now to get all those arty, cultured links that make me appear much more well-read and erudite than I really am?'


1. characterized by a showy, pretentious, and often spurious display of artistic interest, manner, or mannerism.

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"people can be arty."

"moods can be arty."

"winnings can be arty."

"types can be arty."

"tricks can be arty."

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