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Without guile or deception.
  1. 'artless sincerity'
  2. 'A convict has escaped, unwittingly aided by young Julian's artless chatter, and John must be on hand to deal with the situation.'
  3. 'Perhaps its most memorable scene contrasts the naive simplicity of its protagonist with the poetic pretense of a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: the hero is so artless himself that he responds as though the play were real.'
  4. 'This taciturn guy, played by Gerard Butler, melts in the boy's artless presence and starts falling for his mum.'
  5. 'My dictionary defines naivety as ‘The state or quality of being inexperienced or unsophisticated, especially in being artless, credulous, or uncritical.’'
  6. 'But she's a good deal less artless than she pretends.'
  7. 'Regarding the speaker's motive, it implies an artless lack of calculation or an active desire to tell unpleasant truths.'
  8. 'The boy who, sitting on the way of the quay at Killary Bay, held out his hand to the Queen, did honour to the great lady in an artless manner which bespoke sincerity, and the great lady did honour to herself in accepting it.'
  9. 'It all seems transient, happenstance, until you start concentrating on the apparently artless compositions of these powerful images.'
  10. 'Ultimately, though, it doesn't matter if it is artless or artful, as it is so full of life, even as Gray stares mortality, his own and his friends ’, in the eye.'
  11. 'As the main quality which Ellen Terry brought to these roles, in addition to her beauty, grace, and charm, was a seemingly artless naturalness and spontaneity, her success tended to be in ratio to the congruence between her and the part.'
  12. 'There's something awful about even a minor car accident, the way the order of the road, which we assume until the moment of impact is natural and artless, suddenly vanishes; the yelling; the horrible noises.'
  13. 'Each has a physical and and vocal signature, constructed with the kind of care that makes the process seems artless, and puts them on in rapid and seamless succession.'
  14. 'Weeping has no universal meaning or function but it still intrigues us; it's supposed to be something beyond conscious control and so one of the rare moments where we give ourselves up to a spontaneous, artless, emotional truth.'
  15. 'But I am posturing here, I suppose, when all I should be saying is that plot is not the opium of the artless masses…'
  16. 'Far from keeping him in his place they encouraged his boyish enthusiasms for mapping the moon and putting together artless plans for creating the rockets that would take adventurers to its hidden heart.'
  17. 'What does come through is Spender's talent for friendship - and how his seemingly artless curiosity opened him to people, places and experiences he would otherwise have missed.'
  18. 'His prose is artless and nowhere near as polished as Osborne's, but his book still tells a fascinating story.'
  19. 'But this resurrection is so often artless and joyless gloating, reducing an intense physiological/psychological experience to vulgar explication.'
  20. 'Socialist poetry: two words to conjure images of earnest but artless efforts by would-be Woody Guthries.'
  21. 'So while Barthes' personal preference in pens may veer towards the snooty and luxurious, the cheap, utilitarian, artless little ballpoint certainly has its place in the greater scheme of things.'
  22. 'One of the burdens of being a comics nerd - or former comics nerd, whatever - is an obscure compulsion to bear witness to witless, loveless, artless, over-budget desecrations of fond memories of youth.'
  23. 'An interesting book, Sybil, but Disraeli was not much of a novelist; it reads like spirited and somewhat artless version of Brontë's Shirley, or an abridged and more explicitly class-based Wives and Daughters.'
  24. 'Were this Zach Curtis-directed Theatre in the Round production less entertaining than it is, I might have been more than mildly irked by Beane's rather artless repetition.'
  25. 'If it's true that all art is propaganda, but not all propaganda is art, then Robbins has produced a masterpiece of artless propaganda.'
  26. 'They have absolutely no regard for the dirt that it is dragged through, the grime and graffiti of vandals in the form of distribution agents and projectionists, and the artless cuts they could make.'
  27. 'Being sincere yet artless when talking to females, unlike ‘real’ men who are artful yet insincere, I sometimes approached these females and made an utter fool of myself.'
  28. 'The days of rampantly commercial, craftless, contentless, corporate-driven pop, especially as practiced by artless teenage girls, are here.'


1. free from deceit, cunning, or craftiness; ingenuous: an artless child.

2. not artificial; natural; simple; uncontrived: artless beauty; artless charm.

3. lacking art, knowledge, or skill.

4. poorly made; inartistic; clumsy; crude: an artless translation.

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"styles can be artless."

"people can be artless."

"words can be artless."

"thumpings can be artless."

"thugs can be artless."

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