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Relating to or characteristic of the legendary King Arthur of Britain, or any of the stories of his life.
  1. 'A groundbreaking contribution to Arthurian scholarship, this volume should be essential reading for all students of the corpus.'
  2. 'The journey ends up being an Arthurian quest, while also representing the 12 stations of recovery.'
  3. 'Henry VIII commissioned his own round table and placed at its centre, alongside the names of the Arthurian knights, the Tudor rose and a portrait of Arthur.'
  4. 'Attanasio mixes Arthurian lore with Norse gods, modern physics and sundry faerie creatures in this literary, passionate novel.'
  5. 'After this they really got into faeries, mythology, Hinduism, Buddhism, Arthurian romance, and the Bible.'


1. of or relating to King Arthur, who, with his knights, formed the subject of a large part of medieval romance: Arthurian legends.

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"legends can be arthurian."

"thrones can be arthurian."

"sites can be arthurian."

"seasons can be arthurian."

"romances can be arthurian."

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