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Affected by or associated with arthritis.
  1. 'According to the institute, 50 percent of Americans are clinically arthritic by middle age.'
  2. 'Here is a lady who has been treated for an arthritic injury.'
  3. 'Slowly the hours of pass like an arthritic man peeling an orange.'
  4. 'The leaves, curled like arthritic fingers, stayed on the trees.'
  5. 'He was invalided out of the army with a badly arthritic knee, exacerbated by his injuries.'


A person suffering from arthritis.
  1. 'The package's design allows seniors, children, and arthritics to pour milk through a front-mounted spout by tilting rather than lifting.'
  2. 'I come from a long line of arthritics.'
  3. 'Rest is of greatest importance to arthritics, who should not overdo their work, exercise, or recreational activities.'
  4. 'Water-based physical therapy for arthritics is widely practiced and well documented.'
  5. 'Nearly every day, news of another study confirms yoga's benefits for arthritics, asthmatics, depressives, people with HIV or cancer.'


1. Also, arthritical. of, relating to, or afflicted with arthritis. noun

2. a person afflicted with arthritis.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be arthritic."

"joints can be arthritic."

"hips can be arthritic."

"pains can be arthritic."

"hands can be arthritic."

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