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Relating to an artery or arteries.
  1. 'Calcium channel blockers prevent calcium from entering the cells of the arterial vasculature and cause dilation in the coronary arteries and periphery.'
  2. 'For investigators studying pulmonary vascular diseases, such as pulmonary arterial hypertension, access to affected tissue is especially problematic.'
Denoting an important route in a system of roads, railway lines, or rivers.
  1. 'Over the past five years the number of major traffic incidents that close down major urban arterial roads for hours at a time, has been increasing.'
  2. 'The crash happened on the London-bound carriageway of the busy arterial road just before 8am.'
  3. 'It is estimated that nearly 40% of the arterial roads are heavily congested, specifically during peak periods.'
  4. 'I approve of the increase in bus lanes for arterial routes, and the increase in technologies like GPS units for better bus planning and traffic management.'
  5. 'State and territory governments are responsible for funding and managing state highways and arterial roads linking the major towns and cities.'
  6. 'The accident happened on the A456 Hagley Road West, Oldbury, a main arterial route into the city.'
  7. 'Asphalt pavements are usually located in urban areas and sealed granular pavements form the bulk of Australia's rural arterial road network.'
  8. 'The analysis focused on a typical four-lane arterial route with signalised intersections at 250 metre spacing.'
  9. 'The 7.8 acre site on the Kinsale Road in Cork is close to the Kinsale roundabout giving access to the South Ring Road, Lee Tunnel and main arterial routes.'
  10. 'In suburban areas (as in this study), traffic from residential areas is served by collector roads that in turn direct traffic to merge into the arterial roads at relatively few locations.'


1. Physiology. pertaining to the blood in the pulmonary vein, in the left side of the heart, and in most arteries, having been oxygenated during its passage through the lungs and being normally bright red.

2. Anatomy. of, relating to, or resembling the arteries.

3. being or constituting a main route, channel, or other course of flow or access, often with many branches: an arterial highway; an arterial drainage system. noun

4. a main route, channel, or other course of flow or acc

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"pressures can be arterial."

"diseases can be arterial."

"roads can be arterial."

"saturations can be arterial."

"blockages can be arterial."

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Late Middle English: from medieval Latin arterialis, from Latin arteria (see artery).