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A collection of weapons and military equipment.
  1. 'But the Allies rapidly improvised antidotes and embodied the weapon in their own arsenals, making the conduct of the war yet more complex and inhumane.'
  2. 'Now each has an arsenal of nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.'
  3. 'By then both countries had created small arsenals of nuclear weapons.'
  4. 'It was deployed in January 1975, and integrated with the weapons arsenal in December 1975.'
  5. 'The determination of countries across the Middle East and Asia to develop nuclear arsenals and other weapons of mass destruction is laid bare by a secret British intelligence document.'
  6. 'The governments of the region are regarded by the terrorists as soft targets for the acquisition of raw materials for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons from arsenals left behind by the Cold War.'
  7. 'With the collapse of the old Soviet regime their arsenal of nuclear and other Weapons of Mass Destruction was broken up and is steadily appearing on the black market.'
  8. 'The 1968 treaty did nothing to reduce the arsenals of existing nuclear weapons powers.'
  9. 'He pointed out that Russia doesn't really need to join NATO because it possesses an arsenal of nuclear weapons.'
  10. 'The US has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the world.'
  11. 'AMC operates research, development, and engineering centers, the Army Research Laboratory, depots, arsenals, and ammunition plants.'
  12. 'U.S. seaports, airfields, depots, arsenals, defense contractor assembly plants, and distribution centers are difficult to secure and defend.'
  13. 'Early on, America became the arsenal as well as the granary for the Allied powers.'
  14. 'The earliest military museums were arsenals, but since many of these have since become famous military museums it is expedient to regard them as the forerunners of the genre.'
  15. 'AMC operates the research, development, and engineering centers; Army Research Laboratory; depots; arsenals; and ammunition plants.'
  16. 'We did it with our industrial base using four depots, two arsenals and an ammo plant-a critical capability for our nation, showing that surge production really is a straight line to saving the lives of our warfighters.'
  17. 'At the end of the war, these supplies remained untouched in arsenals, warehouses, schools, and even Buddhist temples scattered throughout Japan.'
  18. 'Most shoulder-fired missiles sitting in arsenals today have a range of 11,000 to 15,000 feet.'
  19. 'I also recognize that our government-owned production and maintenance facilities-our arsenals, depots and ammunition plants-are an important part of the total industrial base.'
  20. 'The system works very well and what it all boils down to are frenzied matches with arsenals of moves available to those who take the time to learn the intricacies of the palate.'
  21. 'It is there that the victim unleashes his entire arsenal of aggression, which has been stored up for just this occasion.'
  22. 'Like a magician, he produced an array of tricks from his arsenal as Listowel were put away by a superb act of sorcery on the stroke of half time.'
  23. 'Taking a page from his book, Fiorina could attempt to patch the soft spots in her computing arsenal with proceeds from the printer business.'
  24. 'Her attitude to the arsenal of cosmetic procedures that have recently become available is that you should shop around and find the right doctor for the job.'
  25. 'Despite the availability of a large arsenal of antibiotics, the ability of bacteria to become resistant to antibacterial agents is amazing.'
  26. 'A couple days ago, I came across a fantastic little addition to my arsenal of computer utilities.'
  27. 'The objective is to arm the nation's libraries with the most powerful tools in the IT arsenal.'
  28. 'On top of this he has a large arsenal of other gadgets to select for the remaining available slots.'
  29. 'Well, Quantum has stepped up with a new arsenal of security technology meant to keep data stored on tape devices safe via both simple locks and encryption.'

More definitions

1. a place of storage or a magazine containing arms and military equipment for land or naval service.

2. a government establishment where military equipment or munitions are manufactured.

3. a collection or supply of weapons or munitions.

4. a collection or supply of anything; store: He came to the meeting with an impressive arsenal of new research data.

More examples(as adjective)

"plays can be arsenal."

"meets can be arsenal."


Early 16th century (denoting a dock for the construction and repair of ships): from French, or from obsolete Italian arzanale, based on Arabic dār-aṣ-ṣinā‘a, from dār ‘house’ + al- ‘(of) the’ + sinā‘a ‘art, industry’.