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Not rhythmic; without rhythm or regularity.
  1. 'Iverson's Cheney Pinata is a lopsidedly bouncy Latin piece, with the pianist splicing complex, arrhythmic lines into spaces they shouldn't fit.'
  2. 'Even the most arrhythmic Luddite has to cheer up when suddenly confronted with the Dr Who theme.'
  3. 'Other songs branch off down these individual tributaries: ‘High on the Mountain of Love’ is an avalanche of sound; unwieldy and arrhythmic, the only thing certain about it is its persistent, all-encompassing forward momentum.'
  4. 'The editing is arrhythmic - it somehow feels cut all wrong, like there's no breathing room.'
  5. 'The note-taking during the reading of the Flusser book enabled me to overcome the travel sickness in the arrhythmic opening movement that is inevitable in an unfamiliar book.'
  6. 'Somewhat infelicitous and arrhythmic on paper, the pledge is powerful when chanted out loud by thousands.'
  7. 'Featuring only Spencer Seim's erratically melodic guitar and Zach Hill's pummeling, rhythmically arrhythmic drums, Hella has enough energy to power a small town, or at least get a few folks convulsing in reaction.'
  8. 'This fidgeting included absent-minded arhythmic key rattling, and moving repeatedly in his seat.'
  9. 'Thus his playing, metrical but superficial and arrhythmic, astounds not for its virtuosity, but for precisely the opposite: an ignorance of what rhythm is all about.'
  10. 'We start our trek with some arrhythmic percussion.'
  11. 'Similarly there are dose response increases in heart attacks, and arrhythmic heart disease and death.'
  12. 'The ACCP recommends that patients with suspected PAH be screened with echocardiography to detect cardiac anatomic and arrhythmic problems.'
  13. 'At follow-up, death was defined as cardiac related if there was documentation of acute ischemic syndrome, arrhythmic or sudden death, or heart failure as the terminal event.'
  14. 'The extract also improved anaphylactic cardiac dysfunction in passively sensitized isolated guinea hearts: improvement was noted in the contractility, arrhythmic duration and lactate dehydrogenase elevation.'
  15. 'The authors speculate that a group of patients with severe heart disease are ‘saved’ from an arrhythmic death only to die from pump failure without any clinically important increase in the overall lifespan.'
  16. 'Patients with left ventricular dysfunction after MI are at risk for sudden arrhythmic death.'
  17. 'It also recommends it in certain patients who have not yet had a serious arrhythmic event but who are at high risk of sudden cardiac death, as primary prevention.'
  18. 'My heart's arrhythmic, and one time I took a hormone test that indicated it was possible for me to have a thyroid disease.'
  19. 'Continuous ST-segment monitoring provides uninterrupted, real-time information about the occurrence, frequency, and severity of significant arrhythmic and ischemic cardiac events.'
  20. 'Therefore, true arrhythmic causes must be ruled out before the diagnosis of anxiety or panic disorder can be accepted as the cause of the palpitations. (1,11,12)'


1. any disturbance in the rhythm of the heartbeat.

More examples(as adjective)

"events can be arrhythmic."

"deaths can be arrhythmic."

"people/places/organizations can be arrhythmic."

"episodes can be arrhythmic."