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Striking; eye-catching.
  1. 'However, it certainly is an arresting spectacle, and the skills and daring of the cast and director can't be faulted.'
  2. 'Yes, it's a sensational, arresting number, which may soon pass into general circulation.'
  3. 'A retrospective devoted to the cult American photographer, who homed in on the weirder aspects of humanity, this large, arresting show also includes documents, cameras and memorabilia.'
  4. 'Archer's Goon is an arresting and impressive book; it deserves to be read more widely than it probably will be.'
  5. 'Critics have already compared this film to the work of Terrence Malick (The Thin Red Line) with its slow-motion, visually arresting style.'
  6. 'It was a remarkably arresting photograph, and I decided to pick up the record on the spot.'
  7. 'Before this happened, they had turned out a string of arresting films, many of which were hits - Thunder Rock, The Guinea Pig, and I'm All Right Jack, to name but a few.'
  8. 'More persons know Alkazi by his awesome reputation than by his arresting theatre productions.'
  9. 'Thankfully, CQ2 is more than anything a showcase for Furey, who is an arresting screen presence, an unusual beauty, and a more than capable dancer.'
  10. 'The book's sad and enigmatic title appears under an arresting cover photograph of a Yolngu warrior, Witiyana Arika, playing the traditional clapsticks.'
  11. 'Along the way it sparkles with arresting images to throw a provocative and highly unusual light on almost everything from British naval supremacy to the French defeat in the 2002 World Cup.'


1. attracting or capable of attracting attention or interest; striking: an arresting smile.

2. making or having made an arrest: the arresting officer.

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"officers can be arresting."

"people can be arresting."

"suspects can be arresting."

"criminals can be arresting."

"supporters can be arresting."

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