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Put (things) in a neat, attractive, or required order.
  1. 'the columns are arranged in 12 rows'
  2. 'The letters have now been arranged in chronological order and catalogued.'
  3. 'The way the notes are arranged on the steelpan ensure that notes a semitone apart are never next to each other.'
  4. 'In this reviewer's opinion, topics in the various chapters should be arranged in the order of their occurrence.'
  5. 'Container-grown plants can be arranged in endless ways to create the ambience you want.'
  6. 'The bills had been arranged in order from the largest amounts to the smallest.'
  7. 'My new paint tubes are arranged in a neat arc, brushes and palette knife by their side, and an upturned white enamel plate ready to do duty as a palette until I can find an old one or buy new.'
  8. 'This principle dictates that records should be kept arranged in the order in which they were found.'
  9. 'There is also a private bar on board and eight comfortable chairs of exquisite design are arranged in perfect order along the aisle.'
  10. 'Bowls of soup, plates of bread, and small dishes of jam and butter had been arranged in careful order.'
  11. 'Pour the custard batter into the prepared ramekins and arrange some crepe squares on top.'
Organize or make plans for (a future event)
  1. no object 'my aunt arranged for the furniture to be stored'
  2. 'A disco is arranged for Friday night and a shopping trip to Kilkenny for Saturday morning.'
  3. 'Although he should have communicated through the Hongs, in fact an interview was arranged for him at which officials of Canton city were present.'
  4. 'The Pakistani delegation will also participate in International Tourism Conference arranged by the Indian Ocean Tourism Organisation.'
  5. 'They also run their own executive committee, produce their own business plan and arrange fund-raising events.'
  6. 'The Government hoped it would be left at that, and that a visit could be quietly arranged for the near future.'
  7. 'The organisation arranges events and holidays for disabled children with the theme of making dreams come true.'
  8. 'The Council also arranged a Seminar on Study Skills for Parents in January and a Seminar on the dangers of Drugs / Alcohol in February.'
  9. 'Government-sponsored art loans may be arranged in order to promote a nation's image overseas, attracting investments and favourable foreign relations policies.'
  10. 'Our next meeting is arranged for Monday night November 1st at 8pm in the Marian Centre.'
  11. 'I was delighted when I read that a Midsummer Writing Festival was arranged for last weekend.'
  12. with infinitive 'they arranged to meet at eleven o'clock'
  13. '‘I'm at ease with the fame that television has brought me,’ he says, relaxing in the lounge of the hotel in New York where we had arranged to meet.'
  14. 'One footballer had arranged to meet up with a friend.'
  15. 'I've arranged to meet him during the course of the week to discuss details and hopefully come to an arrangement.'
  16. 'I arranged to meet them later after I had found a place to stay.'
  17. 'Robert Walsh said he met Michael Clarke and arranged to pay him £20,000 for his services in cashing the cheques.'
  18. 'Mr Blunden dialled 999 and told police he suspected he had illegal immigrants on board and arranged to meet them in the town centre.'
  19. 'Through friends of friends I have arranged to meet some journalists and actors over there, some of whom have archival video and stills from the Marcos era.'
  20. 'A couple of months ago, for instance, an Australian production was ready to sign her up, but she arranged to meet with the director anyway.'
  21. 'So he arranged to meet with a man who had headed a corporation with extensive business ties to Enron and who had been a prime recipient of Enron's political largesse.'
  22. 'I was coming home from a late night modeling assignment, and I had arranged to meet my former landlord to pick up my security deposit.'
  23. 'These laboratories monitor the patient overnight, report on the abnormalities and then ensure that treatment is arranged if necessary.'
  24. 'An airline which no longer operates has no obligation to arrange return flights or accommodation for its passengers.'
  25. 'They are just prepared to arrange transport for us to get back home.'
  26. 'Carlow Tourism arrange host family accommodation for a number of language schools who organise for foreign students to travel to Carlow during the year.'
  27. 'Careercare subsequently arranged travel and accommodation and she was flown to the UK over the weekend to start working the following Monday.'
  28. 'The three doctors will prioritise cases and arrange pre-operative appointments to ensure that the surgery will take place next month.'
  29. 'From the moment the hospital gets the names of patients being offered surgery, staff are on the phone arranging travel and accommodation for relatives.'
  30. 'Hardwick airfield is on private property, so you need to arrange your visit in advance.'
  31. 'Alternative accommodation will be available for those who need it - please contact us in advance to arrange it.'
  32. 'Bring your own scuba gear, or have Joan arrange rental equipment in advance.'
Adapt (a musical composition) for performance with instruments or voices other than those originally specified.
  1. 'Constant Lambert arranged bits of Meyerbeer to create the skating ballet Les Patineurs, which also is chock-full of good tunes.'
  2. 'All the songs are folk-like in character, arranged for voice and piano with an optional violin part printed separately.'
  3. 'This collection of fifteen standard Christmas pieces is arranged for solo piano by Joseph Scianni.'
  4. 'If you want to play Irving Berlin, there is collected sheet music for his songs arranged for just about every instrument imaginable.'
  5. 'Thirty-four traditional and original tunes are arranged for two instruments, with chords for back-up musicians included.'
  6. 'The Peruvian Suite, compiled by Piccolodeon, is adapted from a book of Inca melodies arranged for flute and piano.'
  7. 'More accurately, here are works that were either written for two pianos and later orchestrated, or written for orchestra and later arranged for two pianos.'
  8. 'Toward the end of his life, he arranged the Lachrymae for soloist and string orchestra as a favor to Cecil Aronowitz.'
  9. 'The author has selected and arranged the music compositions in order of complexity and structural content.'
  10. 'The encore - Le Basque - by Marin Marais, arranged for horn and piano is an absolute charmer.'
Settle (a dispute or claim)

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    1. to place in proper, desired, or convenient order; adjust properly: to arrange books on a shelf.

    2. to come to an agreement or understanding regarding: The two sides arranged the sale of the property.

    3. to prepare or plan: to arrange the details of a meeting.

    4. Music. to adapt (a composition) for a particular style of performance by voices or instruments. verb (used without object), arranged, arranging.

    5. to make plans or prepa

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    "systems can be arranging."

    "services can be arranging."

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    (arrange)Late Middle English: from Old French arangier, from a- (from Latin ad ‘to, at’) + rangier ‘put in order’ (see range).