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A person who adapts a musical composition for performance.
  1. 'In later periods, Bach himself became a favorite subject for arrangers.'
  2. 'The CD takes two very early performances from 1967, which showcase him as arranger and composer.'
  3. 'A prominent arranger of music for salon orchestras by 1900, his own compositions took a progressively more important role in his career.'
  4. 'He has worked as a composer and arranger for the New York City Ballet.'
  5. 'He went to London and worked with an arranger to record accompanying orchestration.'
A person who arranges flowers in a display.
  1. 'Her mother is a designer and arranger of silk flowers in Connecticut.'
  2. 'Veteran floral arrangers know that this fabulous flower only looks delicate—in fact, if properly treated, cut lilies will last for weeks.'
  3. 'He is a well-known flower arranger himself and will give a demonstration of his art.'
  4. 'She also played bridge, enjoyed researching her family history, and was a flower arranger at her local church.'
  5. 'The flower arrangers have really captured the individuals in their work.'
A person who organizes or makes plans for an event or deal.
  1. 'Antonio is an arranger of weddings.'
  2. 'They will be lead arranger of the share sale.'
  3. 'The scouts were the arrangers of the tournament taking place on Saturday.'
  4. 'The funeral arranger says they are proud to have served local people in times of need for so many years.'
  5. 'I want to thank the sponsors and the arrangers of the event.'

More definitions

1. to place in proper, desired, or convenient order; adjust properly: to arrange books on a shelf.

2. to come to an agreement or understanding regarding: The two sides arranged the sale of the property.

3. to prepare or plan: to arrange the details of a meeting.

4. Music. to adapt (a composition) for a particular style of performance by voices or instruments. verb (used without object), arranged, arranging.

5. to make plans or prepa

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"organizations can be arranger."