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Evoke or awaken (a feeling, emotion, or response)
  1. 'the letter aroused in him a sense of urgency'
  2. 'He has repeatedly called for negotiations on Kashmir; there has never been a Pakistani head of state more willing to talk about an issue that arouses violent feelings on both sides.'
  3. 'Even a normal, healthy body weight may arouse feelings of tension and panic.'
  4. 'And the coverage of U.S. atrocities aroused feelings of shame rather than pride.'
  5. 'I can only hope that it may arouse interest, some sympathy and understanding for fellow human beings in wretched circumstances.'
  6. 'They arouse feelings of nostalgia, but are still manufactured for use today.'
  7. 'Accepting a position at Princeton, he attended a course on knot theory by R Fox and from this his interest was aroused in combinatorial group theory.'
  8. 'Changes in timbre, in speed, in tone are intended to arouse feelings in the listener, such as passion or jealousy.'
  9. 'Their confusion about how to shape their lives in response to these conditions arouses anxiety, and many abuse their spouse and children or turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate their tension.'
  10. 'Further allegations of anti-Catholicism from prominent figures including Cardinal Logue aroused sectarian feelings which led to jeering and hissing on 8 May.'
  11. 'The book is something of a tour de force in creating sympathy for a character who, properly speaking, ought to arouse feelings of contempt.'
  12. 'Now the parliamentarians are grasping for the last means of arousing the people in order to win them over to their cause once again: giving back their mandate.'
  13. 'Resistance to the British in Virginia, he wrote, was like ‘a shock of electricity, arousing every man and placing him erect and solidly on his centre.’'
  14. 'But now the people are aroused and agitated by Bush's failures to deliver on his two big bets.'
  15. 'It is a state of mind that inspires and arouses us to put action into the task at hand.'
  16. 'The food that arouses men most through smell alone includes cinnamon buns, roast meat and cheese pizza.'
  17. 'However, this is Hollywood: just as we are aroused by the images of disaster films, we are exhilarated by scenes of destruction.'
  18. 'Another example of this method of arousing the people came in his speech to the House of Commons after the fall of France when Britain was on her own and a German invasion seemed certain.'
  19. 'Immediately I am aroused by a strong, familiar, and comforting smell.'
  20. 'A continued litany from speeches in the House to churches in their districts aroused the inner-city residents to come to the aid of a country founded by slaves.'
  21. 'Scientific work in the 1970s and 1980s into acid rain had a strong effect on arousing governments and the public, and reducing sulphur emissions.'
  22. 'I was surprised to find that this look aroused me'
  23. 'He discovers he is aroused by jealousy, so he encourages the young doctor to flirt with his wife.'
  24. 'Young adolescent boys are aroused by sexual imagery, and they burn with longing for sexual contact.'
  25. 'We were talking about reading when she admitted that she gets really sexually aroused by books.'
  26. 'Some people are sexually aroused by the strangest things.'
  27. 'The physical parts always feel very real to me, and arouse me.'
  28. 'When he spoke, she was able to feel his breath on her skin, caressing her, hugging her, arousing her.'
  29. 'While men are aroused visually, women are more aroused by words.'
  30. 'She is glad that she aroused him sexually, and looks forward to frustrating him.'
  31. 'He says it is something that will sexually arouse a person every time he/she is exposed to the stimulus.'
  32. 'Hundreds of complaints about an advert for Mazda, that showed a female mannequin becoming sexually aroused by a driving experience, have been rejected.'
Awaken (someone) from sleep.
  1. 'One evening, after the household had gone to sleep, Jane was aroused by the smell of smoke - to find Mr. Rochester's bed on fire.'
  2. 'We should realize that maybe the emergence of UPS will arouse us from a state of complacency and readies us for the grim challenges lying ahead.'
  3. 'I went downstairs and aroused my father from his slumber.'
  4. 'My alarm went off at six-thirty the next morning, arousing me from a peaceful sleep.'
  5. 'Gradually, the patient spends more time sleeping during the day and at times is difficult to arouse.'
  6. 'A herdsman, aroused from sleep by their presence stared at them briefly from behind a low wall, blinking with a look as blank as his charges.'
  7. 'She walked slowly down the main hall towards the room that her mother occupied on her visits, still drowsy from being aroused from her sleep.'
  8. 'At home, if gentle stimulation fails to arouse the child, the caretaker should try more vigorous stimulation and provide CPR if necessary.'
  9. 'A knock on her bedroom door aroused her from her reverie.'
  10. 'Then I went to bed and fell into one of my terrible sleeps, from which I was aroused in about two hours by a still more terrible shock.'

More definitions

1. to stir to action or strong response; excite: to arouse a crowd; to arouse suspicion.

2. to stimulate sexually.

3. to awaken; wake up: The footsteps aroused the dog. verb (used without object), aroused, arousing.

4. to awake or become aroused: At dawn the farmers began to arouse.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be arouse."


Late 16th century: from rouse, on the pattern of the pair of rise, arise.