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Each of the two upper limbs of the human body from the shoulder to the hand.
  1. 'About a month later, Lovejoy started regaining movement in his arms and upper body.'
  2. 'I laughed all of a sudden and propped myself on my elbows, my arms crossed on the table.'
  3. 'In Greco-Roman wrestling competitors use only their arms and upper bodies to attack their opponent.'
  4. 'The hands began to warm up and so did my legs but my arms and upper body were still very cold.'
  5. 'It is also great for toning your upper body, arms and leg muscles.'
  6. 'Pain can occur in specific muscles like arms, shoulders or legs or be more generalized.'
  7. 'Warts can be found on any part of the body but are common on the fingers, hands, arms, and feet.'
  8. 'Keep your arm and shoulder muscles relaxed, and move your arms slowly back and forth.'
  9. 'The sling on his left shoulder held his injured arm snugly against his body.'
  10. 'It is marked by weakness in the facial muscles and weakness and wasting of the shoulders and upper arms.'
  11. 'Here's a typical view of a tangle of octopus arms, all covered with circular suckers.'
  12. 'The food is transferred down the arms to the mouth by tube feet located on the pinnules and arms.'
  13. 'An ophiuroid can easily cast off portions of an arm if attacked by a predator.'
  14. 'When hunting and grabbing dinner, the octopus uses all the flexibility the arm is capable of.'
  15. 'The basket star, looking more like a soft coral with its delicate branching arms, reaches out into the current in search of its next meal.'
  16. 'Mladenov also observed a crinoid arm in the claw of the crab Oregonia gracilis.'
  17. 'I liked how he had them secretly under his shirt arm.'
  18. 'He was still wearing a surf suit that day, though one with short sleeves at the arms and legs coming to his knees.'
  19. 'he has a good arm'
  20. 'Windsor is like John Hudgins, a great arm that threw a ton of innings.'
  21. 'He might have the best arm in the organization and can hit for power and average.'
  22. 'He was a quarterback with a pretty good arm and he had to have the play sent in by the quarterback.'
  23. 'The latter two are promising young arms, but neither has a polished off-speed pitch.'
  24. 'Instead, the Jets will try to take advantage of Clemens' superior arm'
  25. 'as they walked he offered her his arm'
  26. 'Back at the jetty I was offered an arm for support, but refused.'
  27. 'they have extended the arm of friendship to developing countries'
  28. 'He rolled back and fell into the protective arms of his governess, finally at peace.'
  29. 'Josh pulled me closer to him on the bed and put his arm protectively around me.'
  30. 'All eyes turned to mea and Hugh put a protective arm around me and glared at Serena.'
  31. 'Priss kept a protective arm around her lover's waist, not too tight, not too loose.'
  32. 'He wrapped a protective arm around her, trying to be assuring but he knew it wasn't working.'
  33. 'Mark stepped in between Scott and me and put a protective arm in front of me.'
  34. 'Families dressed in black placed protective arms around one another as they waited for the first glimpse of their loved ones.'
A thing comparable to an arm in form or function, typically something that projects from a larger structure.
  1. 'a cat was curled up on an arm of the tree'
  2. 'The number of pounds per dump is adjusted by correctly setting the counterweight up or down on the counterweight arm.'
  3. 'Now the backhoe's lower center frame sits on the support, taking the weight off the stabilizer arms.'
  4. 'The completed machine could roam around and had a fully functional arm.'
  5. 'This adjustment is usually controlled by setting the position of the tractor lift arms.'
  6. 'The stair is further supported by the girders at each floor, and by a steel arm that projects from the south wall at each landing.'
  7. 'a large walnut desk chair with padded arms'
  8. 'Cora shook her head and rested her chin on a hand as her elbow rested on the arm of the easy chair.'
  9. 'Then I couldn't open the window because of high heavy curtains and was balancing on the arms of a chair fighting the drapes.'
  10. 'Shoving one hand into his pocket, he rested his free palm against the arm of his chair and slowly stood up.'
  11. 'I keep a waste paper bin next to the chair I sit on so I had visions of it having bounced off the arm of the chair and into the bin.'
  12. 'Cole immediately threw the stand with the chess set and grabbed hold of the arms of Sara's seat.'
  13. 'There was a hole in the arm of the chair, and she picked out tiny pieces of foam and arranged them in a pattern like a flower.'
  14. 'His hand rested on the metal arm of the chair and his head lay in his hand.'
  15. 'The superintendent called me into his office, perching intimately on the arm of my chair.'
  16. 'She found her husband's briefcase propped on the arm of a chair, with her name written on it.'
  17. 'Ian's younger brother, Wayne, sits on the other arm of the chair, playing along.'
  18. 'The breach consisted of a 300-foot-long bridge-covered opening in the causeway near Lakeside, which allowed the rapid flow of south-arm water into the north arm.'
  19. 'The hills and narrowing canyon of this arm lure the paddler to explore quiet places, fish, and swim.'
  20. 'Herald Provincial Park is situated on the west shore of the Salmon Arm of Shuswap Lake.'
A branch or division of a company or organization.
  1. 'The agency, an arm of central Government has recently unveiled maps showing the extent of flood risk across the country.'
  2. 'From these evolved some newspapers that served as editorial arms of political parties.'
  3. 'The foundation acts as a research arm and umbrella organization for its member companies.'
  4. 'The conference bureau and the marketing arm of the operation will stay together and retain the current level of funding.'
  5. 'No longer was it to be the political arm of the Church; instead it would mediate among the various social groups.'
  6. 'The Party is seeking to recast itself as the political arm of a religious community.'
  7. 'Jobcentre Plus, an arm of the Department of Works and Pensions, is creating 250 new jobs at the site.'
  8. 'This is an army that is learning its trade as a combined arms team at very high cost.'
  9. 'The artillery arm has produced many great generals, most notably Napoleon.'
  10. 'Defence is reviewing this application and role of armour in Army's combined arms team.'
  11. 'This meant that both arms of the German military would be actively involved in war operations.'
  12. 'Belief in the Army combined arms team is intuitive for all of us from the day that we enter the service.'
Each of the lines enclosing an angle.
  1. 'In the first of these evaluations of angle perception, subjects were asked to rotate a test line until it appeared collinear with the indicated arm of the inducing angle.'
  2. 'One of the arms of angle [alpha] and one of the arms of angle [beta] are extended by the same amount.'

More definitions

1. the upper limb of the human body, especially the part extending from the shoulder to the wrist.

2. the upper limb from the shoulder to the elbow.

3. the forelimb of any vertebrate.

4. some part of an organism like or likened to an arm.

5. any armlike part or attachment, as the tone arm of a phonograph.

6. a covering for the arm, especially a sleeve of a garment: the arm of a coat.

7. an administrative or operational branch of an organization: A special arm of the government wil

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(arm)Old English arm, earm, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch arm and German Arm.


give one's right arm
the long (or strong) arm of the law
put the arm on
under one's arm
with open arms
within (or beyond) arm's reach
arm in arm
as long as one's (or someone's) arm
at arm's length