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Of or resembling silver.
  1. 'Visible even from a distance, its argentine spires punctured the horizon with needles of light, whilst its great walls reflected the rays of the rising sun.'


A small marine fish with a silvery sheen.
  1. 'They are small fishes, growing up to 25 cm long, excepting the Greater argentine, Argentina silus, which reaches 70 cm.'


Relating to Argentina or its people.
  1. 'The disc is breezy and refreshing, and reveals an utterly new side to the Argentine soul.'
  2. 'He cleverly weaves several themes from the opera together with elements of Argentine folk music.'


A native or inhabitant of Argentina, or a person of Argentine descent.
  1. 'The "rich as an Argentine" sons of fine families introduced the tango to Paris on their grand tours of Europe.'
  2. 'A temperamental Plexiglas piece by Argentine Martha Boto was still being tinkered into operation on the day of the opening.'
  1. 'He heads back to the Argentine to complete work on a dam.'
  2. 'Almost everybody from Mexico to the Argentine eats armadillo.'


1. pertaining to or resembling silver. noun

2. a silvery substance, especially one obtained from fish scales, used in making imitation pearls.

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"dates can be argentine in/at/on dates."

"wheats can be argentine."

"supplies can be argentine."

"firms can be argentine."

"tonnes can be argentine."

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(argentine)Late Middle English: from Old French argentin, argentine, from argent ‘silver’, from Latin argentum.