Adjective "areal" definition and examples

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  1. 'The areal density estimation method is not a direct headcount, but this is in fact an international standard.'
  2. 'Our observed increase in seagrass areal extent and the dynamic transition among seagrass species and bare sediment resembles the seagrass bed development found at St. Croix.'


1. any particular extent of space or surface; part: the dark areas in the painting; the dusty area of the room.

2. a geographical region; tract: the Chicago area; the unsettled areas along the frontier.

3. any section reserved for a specific function: the business area of a town; the dining area of a house.

4. extent, range, or scope: inquiries that embrace the whole area of science.

5. field of study, or a branch of a field of study: Related areas of inquiry often reflect

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"units can be areal."

"methods can be areal."

"extents can be areal."

"researchs can be areal."

"problems can be areal."

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