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A region or part of a town, a country, or the world.
  1. 'people living in the area are at risk'
  2. 'State-regulated labour bureaux were established in the rural areas and smaller towns to oversee the flow of workers.'
  3. 'Car sharing also reduces travelling costs and could help people in rural areas with limited public transport.'
  4. 'Much of the wealth he accumulated was invested in real estate in numerous rural areas in the vicinity of Lynn.'
  5. 'Whether crossing rural areas or towns, the scenery was always graceful and neat.'
  6. 'He pointed out that this area was one of the fastest developing areas in the town.'
  7. 'Most rural areas and many small towns lack a fixed telephone service.'
  8. 'More than two thousand people from the surrounding areas of the town came in to witness the match.'
  9. 'We have seen the tangible benefits to those living in rural areas, especially older people living on their own.'
  10. 'The resulting mulch from the Christmas trees will then be used for landscaping projects on green areas in the towns.'
  11. 'Macquarie held the view that rural areas should have towns constructed as service centres and places of government.'
  12. 'The effect of water is best if found in the north of the living, dining or study area but not in the bedroom.'
  13. 'For one thing, there is practically no clear table space or work areas to lay out my supplies.'
  14. 'Plans also include open spaces with play areas to ensure homes are not overlooked.'
  15. 'The severe lack of parking spaces in the harbour area of Stromness looks like being resolved.'
  16. 'Our rooms opened out onto an open-air patio area with rooms along the opposite side too.'
  17. 'The Unit has a sitting room area where people can get together and get any information required.'
  18. 'The main reception area is an open plan living, dining and kitchen area on the ground floor.'
  19. 'Another feature solves the problem of how to have a leisure area in a confined space.'
  20. 'If you have items in storage areas with empty space, fill them with smaller items, and label them.'
  21. 'It would also include a new corridor, an extended reception area and improved office space.'
  22. 'areas of the body'
  23. 'Alternatively, smoke from burning moxa can be wafted over the painful area of the body using a smoke box.'
  24. 'The system, in the form of antibodies, attacks and damages the nerve signal reception areas in the body.'
  25. 'Jim began gently stroking Camalyn's side with his thumb in the area between the top of her hip and the bottom of her ribs.'
  26. 'A system of longitudinal energy zones is believed to provide the link between the reflex areas and the body parts.'
  27. 'An area at the dorsal side is covered with a thin layer of surface deposits, on top of which are a few additional large deposits.'
  28. 'Compared to men, women feel pain in more areas of their body and for longer durations.'
  29. 'Creams should be applied to all exposed areas of the body and should be reapplied every four to five hours.'
  30. 'In the later stages, when it spreads out beyond the prostate itself into other areas of the body, the disease becomes much harder to treat.'
  31. 'We'll be able to scan more patients, more quickly, and get more information about different areas of the body.'
  32. 'There are exercise classes on Monday and Wednesday nights to help you tone target areas of the body.'
  33. 'Riggott tripped Alan Mahon on the left side of the area and Dunn sent Oakes the wrong way from the penalty spot.'
  34. 'Now, when he has the ball on the edge of the area, everyone cheers for him, encouraging him to take a shot.'
The extent or measurement of a surface or piece of land.
  1. mass noun 'the room is twelve square feet in area'
  2. 'The green is four feet square in area, and cut on the side of a 75-degree slope.'
  3. 'The size of the room you're in is probably best measured in terms of its area.'
  4. 'Nor can all the States in the country be of the same size in area and population.'
  5. 'Finding the area of a room is a common, everyday use of mathematics.'
  6. 'The two areas had a varied degree of protection against poaching despite being of a similar size in area.'
A subject or range of activity or interest.
  1. 'The subject areas in which he was most interested were fishing, folk medicine, proverbs and sayings.'
  2. 'Just moving on to a different area of interest for us is the issue of the employment status of police officers.'
  3. 'The health of the nation is one of the key areas the 2001 Census focused on.'
  4. 'He said this week that one of the key areas the review will focus on would be about providing care for people in their own homes.'
  5. 'This review focuses on these key areas and underlines the major problem that the specialty faces namely, overcrowding.'
  6. 'She has progressed to staff nurse and then to sister and as a matron enjoys being able to develop skills in areas that most interested her.'
  7. 'The product range covers all the large subject areas and levels of academic performance.'
  8. 'First, it is incumbent upon us to extend the methods of science and reason to all areas of human interest.'
  9. 'States are rational or instrumental actors, always seeking to maximize their interests in all issue areas.'
  10. 'Was it possible to make the subject areas more attractive to a broader range of students?'
A sunken enclosure giving access to the basement of a building.

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    1. any particular extent of space or surface; part: the dark areas in the painting; the dusty area of the room.

    2. a geographical region; tract: the Chicago area; the unsettled areas along the frontier.

    3. any section reserved for a specific function: the business area of a town; the dining area of a house.

    4. extent, range, or scope: inquiries that embrace the whole area of science.

    5. field of study, or a branch of a field of study: Related areas of inquiry often reflect

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    Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘space allocated for a specific purpose’): from Latin, literally ‘vacant piece of level ground’.