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Shaped like a bow; curved.
  1. 'A piece of shell was broken from its ventral margin, probably by a biting predator with cone-shaped sharp teeth or denticles, because an arcuate row of small conical dimples is present on the shell just above the part that was removed.'
  2. 'Some elements are simple: the arcuate, or V stitching on the pockets; the five pockets themselves; the metal shank buttons; the red tab; and the leather patch with the image of two horses pulling at a pair of jeans.'
  3. 'The most characteristic feature of this species is the dorsal surface which, when not overgrown, is relatively flat with raised outer edges and pseudopores arranged in well-defined arcuate rows.'


1. bent or curved like a bow.

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"forms can be arcuated."


(arcuate)Late Middle English: from Latin arcuatus, past participle of arcuare ‘to curve’, from arcus ‘bow, curve’.