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The chief rival of a person, team, or organization.
  1. 'The arch-rivals clash in the Arriva Trains Conference division two with both looking to lay claim to the ‘best-team-in-York’ tag.'
  2. 'It is usually Sligo teams who suffer when these Connacht arch-rivals collide.'
  3. 'Blackburn Hawks renew acquaintance with arch-rivals Whitley Bay Warriors this weekend, not once, but twice in back-to-back cup and league action.'
  4. 'Rangers striker Peter Lovenkrands has warned arch-rivals Celtic that he is hungry for their Scottish championship crown.'
  5. 'The chain plans to take on its arch-rival in a bitter street-by-street fight for British stomachs.'
  6. 'A well-taken header by Harry Kewell was the only goal in a pulsating match which saw Leeds United win for the first time in five years against their arch-rivals from across the Pennines.'
  7. 'Ironically, that deal saw the company included in the same stable as its arch-rivals Warner Bros, home of that other cartoon icon, Bugs Bunny.'
  8. 'If a Blackpool fan could choose a dream climax to a season, it would probably involve beating arch-rivals Preston North End to clinch promotion and send Preston down.'
  9. 'After winning the cup competition the team played arch-rivals Swinton High School in the league play-off and won 5-0.'
  10. 'I soon won back my pride in a sensational match-up between the team of the 1980s and their arch-rivals from the 1990s.'

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1. a chief rival.

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"corps can be archrival."

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"airlines can be archrival."

"prime ministers can be archrival."

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