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Relating to or constituting archives.
  1. 'The exhumation of several archival recordings sheds light on another dimension in Cale's chameleonic nature.'
  2. 'What one does with the archival information is always guided, if only unconsciously at times, by the theories of Chinese medicine.'
  3. 'New and archival photographs of Mies buildings are presented along with related paintings, sculptures, and films.'
  4. 'He conducted archival research at the Folger Library, which reportedly houses the world's largest collection of Shakespeare's printed works.'
  5. 'Wilson's analysis here is very thorough and based on her own, previously published archival research.'
  6. 'the illustrations are printed with archival inks that will last about 70 years'
  7. 'It is the only company to offer archival fabric mats.'
  8. 'Place all folders into acid-free, archival-quality document boxes.'
  9. 'She would attach newly repaired sections of the book on an antique wooden frame and, using archival linen thread, sew the pages back into a text block.'
  10. 'The same precision and caution should govern the use of the term "archival" in relation to ink-jet prints.'
  11. 'With the transition to digital imaging and the use of archival pigmented inks, sepia toning is done these days almost exclusively for aesthetic reasons.'


1. of or relating to archives or valuable records; contained in or comprising such archives or records.

More examples(as adjective)

"materials can be archival."

"sources can be archival."

"documents can be archival."

"collections can be archival."

"works can be archival."

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