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A curved symmetrical structure spanning an opening and typically supporting the weight of a bridge, roof, or wall above it.
  1. 'The result brings to mind support structures for vaulted arches (for instance Gaudi's Sagrada Familia).'
  2. 'Some of the arches are cut through walls while others support curved ceilings (vaults).'
  3. 'The two main parabolic arches of the bridge create two continuous, tilted, tied arches as the support spans for this unique steel structure.'
  4. 'Each of the five roof arches is flexed across its width, turning it into a stiff double curvature shell.'
  5. 'Instead, right from the beginning, arches were used to span spaces and to support the weight above.'
  6. 'According to a newspaper report, the first arch spanned the River Severn on 2nd July 1779.'
  7. 'The room was rectangular, and there were murals of columns supporting Gothic arches on the walls within.'
  8. 'The system uses the timeless forms of arches, domes, and vaults to create single and double-curvature shell structures that are both strong and beautiful.'
  9. 'The new bridge had to span the river with a single arch, without intermediate columns interrupting the water's flow or passage of river traffic.'
  10. 'The simple lessons of the making of an arch, a wall, or a column form the architect's most fundamental vocabulary.'
  11. 'Most of them were monuments to Leopold himself: triumphal arches, palaces, seaside resorts, museums, parks, royal châteaux and even golf courses.'
  12. 'Pusading's ornamental arch has a pair of stone lions and the stone wall facing them was apparently built to block their vision.'
  13. 'The lower frame is modelled as a triumphal arch flanked by bound captives.'
  14. 'Within the city, notable monuments include a splendid arch and a screen of gods of late second or early third century date.'
  15. 'The new stadium's most dramatic feature will be a 133-metre high arch, visible across London.'
  16. 'Behind the column is the vast triumphal arch that joins the two wings of the General Staff Building.'
  17. 'The Corinthia consists of two curving towers, one slightly taller than the other, linked by a cavernous reception area topped by a triumphal arch.'
  18. 'The scale of the triumphal arch is gargantuan and this is reinforced by its highly simplified architectural detail.'
  19. 'The areas outside were enclosed and equipped with triumphal arches and calvaires - essentially Crucifixion scenes on poles, set about with extraordinarily rich biblical scenes.'
  20. 'The reverse commemorates the building of his triumphal arch, which still stands in Rome beside the Coliseum.'
  21. 'the delicate arch of his eyebrows'
  22. 'He knew that because it was in the shape of an arch formed by elephant tusks.'
  23. 'The arch of the lower cable reflects that of the upper cable.'
  24. 'We passed under the arch of green creepers and entered my room.'
  25. 'I watched as an arch of water doused the flames we had left behind.'
  26. 'Te Namu sat on a triangular arch of sand, bounded on one side by a steep cliff and cut off on another by a stream.'
  27. 'Through the arch of the cave, as far as the eye can see, misted peaks sit, poised like advancing waves.'
  28. 'I didn't have to fake the confused arch of my eyebrows or the incredulous glint to my stare.'
  29. 'As the levator ani passes downward both anteriorly and posteriorly, it forms an arch of muscular tissue, also called a sling.'
  30. 'The Helium filled balloons which had formed an arch of honour over the entrance gate were tied to the two coaches and accompanying cars to make for a colourful entryway.'
  31. 'No one really knows what causes these sudden, painful muscle spasms in the calf, the thigh or the arch of the foot.'
  32. 'Also, as people age, their feet become longer and wider, the padding on the heels and balls of the feet thins and the arches tend to fall a bit.'
  33. 'The shank is 3/4 length, which helps the bones in my feet because my arch can sit on it and I don't have to work so much.'
  34. 'A foot with a high arch, on the other hand, will have a large indentation and a very narrow band connecting the ball of the foot to the heel.'
  35. 'Start off by massaging your entire foot - heel, arch and toes.'
  36. 'This is true of many people with low arches or flat feet.'
  37. 'If the bridge between the heel and the front foot is less than one-third the width of your heel, you have a high arch - your feet are begging for cushioning.'
  38. 'Flat feet, low arches, and loose ligaments also contribute to the formation of bunions.'
  39. 'The arches of the feet are maintained by strong ligaments which are prevented from stretching by muscles in the legs.'
  40. 'The demonstrators don't appear to have high arches or ridiculously small feet either as, alas, do I.'


Have the curved shape of an arch.
  1. 'All of a sudden, the sky cleared, became blue and a perfect rainbow arched over me with one end in the sand.'
  2. 'The fronds were stiffened by ice and arched over the trickle like a tunnel of swords at a wedding.'
  3. 'He was stood before a stretch of thick, dark trees that arched over a long cut of clear land; Lia presumed it was used as a path.'
  4. 'But the reward was generous - a tremulous rainbow arched over the mountains, shaggy with greenery.'
  5. 'All over the city, the authorities have put up large billboards featuring bucolic scenes of date palms arched over a river bank.'
  6. 'The trail arched gently around a broad bay towards Krios headland, the corner of Crete, and a tiny chapel whose whitewashed walls gleamed like a beacon.'
  7. 'Drive down the narrow country lane, trees arching above you, and turn into the unmarked drive and past the pond, and you could be entering an elite golf club, secluded from the Oxfordshire countryside that embraces it.'
  8. 'The tub-shaped space within the parapet, formerly open to the air and sun, was now arched over by a light dome of lath-work covered with felt.'
  9. no object 'her eyebrows arched in surprise'
  10. 'His head, arched over the pillow and framed by the blanket folded beneath his chin, was illuminated by pale moonlight.'
  11. 'He stared a long time, his eyebrow slowly arching.'
  12. 'His eyebrows sharply arched as he continued to read the letter.'
  13. 'Jake only laughed hollowly, one eyebrow arching.'
  14. 'Evan glanced at him while they walked, eyebrows arching.'
  15. 'She laughed at that and looked at him with one eyebrow arched.'
  16. 'Jen places her feet close together and, with her lower back tight and slightly arched, bends at the knees and hips.'
  17. 'Rachel stared after him in mild surprise, her eyebrow arched and her emerald gaze thoughtful.'
  18. 'To kiss this fabled rock first you must lie, arched backwards, leaning out from the castle's parapet with a 27-metre drop below.'
  19. 'What followed had eyebrows arching everywhere.'


Deliberately or affectedly playful and teasing.
  1. 'The quick, dark eye, with its beautifully formed eyebrow, seemed to presage the arch remark, to which the rosy and half-smiling lip appeared ready to give utterance.'
  2. 'Near is particularly adept at the arch delivery typical of his uptight businessman in the early scenes.'
  3. 'They have made six shimmering albums packed with arch observations, yet their world remains small, their vision unique.'
  4. 'Two years ago, such an observation was appropriately arch, zeroing in on the silliness of such campaign press stunts.'
  5. 'Instinctive, impulsive melodies meet melancholia and melodrama in gay tales of arch commentary and frank observation.'
  6. 'I can't really think of a clever dismissal or arch comment to make about this.'


1. arched work or formation.

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"systems can be arching."

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Mid 17th century: from arch-, by association with the sense ‘rogue’ in combinations such as arch-scoundrel.