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  1. 'In fact, there are fossil microbes known from throughout the Precambrian, but here a second problem surfaces - how do you distinguish fossil archaeans from fossil bacteria?'
  2. 'Each pool has slightly different mineral content, temperature, salinity, etc., so different pools may contain different communities of archaeans and other microbes.'


Relating to or denoting the aeon that constitutes the earlier (or middle) part of the Precambrian, in which there was no life on the earth. It precedes the Proterozoic aeon and (in some schemes) is preceded by the Priscoan aeon.
  1. 'The contacts between the complex and the Archaean metamorphic rocks are intrusive.'
  2. 'Comparison of the ‘bar code’ from the approximately 35 different Archean continental fragments (at least eight of which are in Canada) represents a key tool for proposing reconstructions between these fragments.'


1. noting or pertaining to rocks of the Archeozoic portion of the Precambrian Era.

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(Archean)Late 19th century: from Greek arkhaios ‘ancient’ + -an.