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A part of a curve, especially a part of the circumference of a circle.
  1. 'These jumps from one number to the next can be visualized as arcs of circles along a number line.'
  2. 'All delineations are arcs of a circle, the perfect, complete, easily fractured and reassembled building block of the universe.'
  3. 'He produced a number of formulas for triangles, two sides of which were straight lines and the third was the arc of a circle.'
  4. 'The question of interest concerns whether, strictly speaking, these arcs form a circle.'
  5. 'The proof we have examined in detail is one where the outer circumference of the lune is the arc of a semicircle.'
  6. 'The third part of Mathematical exercises was on the Riccati differential equation while the final part was on a geometry question concerning figures bounded by two arcs of a circle.'
  7. 'the huge arc of the sky'
  8. 'From the outside it sits neatly in the arc of beautiful townhouse mansions with the fluttering Union Jack over the discreet entrance - the only clue that it is a hotel.'
  9. 'On a clear day you can see Ben Nevis in the west and Buchan Ness in the east and beyond Corryhabbie Hill on the opposite side of Glen Rinnes Lochnager and the arc of the Cairngorms form the distant horizon.'
  10. 'His version of Château Lafite follows the original French blueprints but adds two extra floors, and has the building's two wings linked by an arc of Romanesque columns.'
  11. 'How many directors dare tell any diva that the first thing they want her to do, as she makes her grand entrance, is dip her head in a bucket and throw back her hair, spraying an arc of water across the stage?'
  12. 'From the top of a bluff on a clear day, with the sun melting the tarmac and baking my thighs, the deep-blue arc of the horizon looks like the edge of the earth.'
  13. 'A dramatic arc of water is created as four women enjoy a communal bathing session in Son La province, north-western Vietnam.'
  14. 'Climbing back up, I see an open bay to the west, an arc of cliffs fringed by the grasslands of Ka'u.'
  15. 'He moved through the crowd schmoozing and smiling, surrounded by an arc of secret service agents, his suit jacket tossed saucily over his shoulder.'
  16. 'Trenna observed the way the cavern was shaped: there was a large arc of rock that concealed one half of the cavern from the other.'
  17. 'The Confederate frigate Halberd swung a wide arc around the freighter's stern and approached her docking port from aft.'
  18. 'Inhale slightly more than usual and hold your breath as you lower the weights in a wide arc out to your sides.'
  19. 'I bit my lip as I turned on the tip of my foot, my arms swinging out in wide arcs.'
  20. 'She swung the blade in a wide arc, the edge tilted slightly.'
  21. 'On a hard, fast green it is necessary to take a wide arc to reach the jack.'
  22. 'Right now, she was employing another of her favourite gestures - sweeping her arm in a wide arc above her head and clicking her fingers so hard it must have hurt.'
  23. 'At this moment Nukite awoke from his deep slumber, his eyes closed in the early morning sunlight he rose slowly to his feet, stretching his arms in a wide arc as he did so.'
  24. 'The tadpoles can also turn in much wider arcs, which they do spontaneously, when they initiate swimming from rest, and in the course of normal locomotion.'
  25. 'Batman swings in a wide arc and is pulled upward.'
  26. '‘A decade ago,’ Eldoris murmured, making a wide arc with her arm to accentuate her words.'
  27. 'The other arc functions, acos, and atan, behave as their more-familiar counterparts.'
A luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points.
  1. 'This is not someone dropping a switch and seeing an arc of electricity.'
  2. 'This path is the glowing area associated with an arc / spark, and is the same phenomenon as lightning, although on a much smaller scale.'
  3. 'As powerful electric arcs leap from welding rod to the metal, they sometimes follow unpredictable, lightning-like paths, leading to sloppy welds and splattered metal.'
  4. 'In flash welding, the heat is obtained from an arc established between the pieces to be welded by electrical resistance.'
  5. 'Small arcs of electricity played over its surface as his eyes danced gleefully.'
  6. 'I recall seeing a photo in Scientific American of the arc from a large Tesla Coil being guided in a straight line by a laser pulse.'
  7. 'Scientists later demonstrated that fullerenes can be conveniently generated by setting up an electric arc between two graphite electrodes.'
  8. 'The heat required in this process is generated by electric arcs struck between carbon electrodes and the metal bath.'
  9. 'Weak arcs of scorching lightning zapped outwards, rapidly fading over the short distance.'
  10. 'When calibrated to be in tune with the planet's resonance, it created what is still the largest man-made electrical surge ever, an arc over 130 feet long.'
(in a novel, play, or film) the development or resolution of the narrative or principal theme.
  1. 'Apart from the change in protagonist, the story arc seems to be much the same.'
  2. 'Anyway, using James's formula to calculate Griffey's chance of reaching 756 HRs, we can trace the arc of his career.'
  3. 'This is probably where the derisive humor begins its arc.'
  4. 'Scher bases his films and drawings on found footage and collage, scripting and shooting additional passages necessary to their generally nonnarrative arc.'
  5. 'They are just toying with us at this point in the story arc for this set of characters.'
  6. 'Plot points of the main arc are sprinkled throughout, typically bookending the standalone story.'
  7. 'However the Season 1 Box Set is broken up into three distinct story arcs over the course of its thirteen episodes.'
  8. 'The first two episodes are stand-alone installments, as the overall story arc doesn't begin to reveal itself until later.'
  9. 'For example, she is giving an extra-ordinary performance, but we feel like we're missing large chunks of her emotional arc.'
  10. 'She gives Gina a great '70 s attitude, though I was never sure where her character arc was going.'


Move with a curving trajectory.
  1. 'Time slowed as the ball arced across Alan Main in the Gretna goal but dropped in front of Derek Townsley, the home centre-half, who hoofed it beyond peril.'
  2. 'If everyone's eyes are up on the ball as it arcs to the basket, you can be sure the offense is cutting around the defense to get better position for rebounds.'
  3. 'Just then the volume leaped to a roar, and the camera panned sharply upward; Henderson spotted the ball arcing high above the stadium, a brilliant streak against the grainy sky.'
  4. 'Then, a little way off, she arcs into an effortless U-turn.'
  5. 'She caught it, and in one quick turn the ball was up and arcing towards the basket.'
  6. 'We watched our stones arc into the air, miss the birds by several hundred feet and fall to Earth.'
  7. 'I watched cabin cruisers arc through the large triangular confluence, then, my detour done, wandered back for the walk proper.'
  8. 'The first shot arced neatly if unspectacularly towards the practice green.'
  9. 'Trees had arced and curved towards the apex, forming great artificial archways, which consisted of more than merely wood and leaves.'
Form an electric arc.
  1. 'This much mental electricity should be able to run a small city, but instead I'm more like a cut power line, arcing and sparking spasmodically.'
  2. 'Once the circuit breaker was tripped, all sparks, flames and arcing ceased.'
  3. 'High impedance leads to heating of the material, arcing to the material under the dispersive electrode, and subsequent burns.'
  4. 'The plasma contactor system safely grounds the station from this high voltage, protecting it from arcing, which could severely damage its surface.'
  5. 'But these efforts were hampered by failed water pressure, exploding gas meters, arcing power lines and other serious hazards.'

(in the UK) Agricultural Research Council.
    AIDS-related complex.

      More definitions

      1. Geometry. any unbroken part of the circumference of a circle or other curved line.

      2. Also called electric arc. Electricity. a luminous bridge formed in a gap between two electrodes.Compare spark1 (def 2).

      3. Astronomy. the part of a circle representing the apparent course of a heavenly body.

      4. anything bow-shaped. verb (used without object), arced[ahrkt]/ɑrkt/ or arcked, arcing[ahr-king]/ˈɑr kɪŋ/ or arcking.

      5. to form an electric arc.

      6. to move i

      More examples(as adjective)

      "waters can be arced."

      "hexafluorides can be arced."


      (arc)Late Middle English (denoting the path of a celestial object, especially the sun, from horizon to horizon): via Old French from Latin arcus ‘bow, curve’.