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A native of Arcadia.
  1. 'Now that Spartan backing was no longer a guarantee of political ascendancy, one Euphron, who had previously exploited Spartan favour, persuaded the Argives and Arcadians to help him install democracy.'
  2. 'The Arcadians had their joint sanctuary at an even more remote place on the peak of Mt Lykaion 1400m metres high.'
  3. 'I assure you, Mr. Dombey, Nature intended me for an Arcadian.'
  4. 'Gallus, is never represented as a shepherd or true Arcadian.'


Relating to Arcadia.
  1. 'The question of whether or not these works engage or create a sense of place, as opposed to the no-place of Arcadian utopia, is never asked.'
  2. 'But this Arcadian vision arose in spite of a volatile modern history.'
  3. 'He half jokingly talked about the loveliness of Michigan, painting it as an Arcadian paradise.'
  4. 'Toward the end of the decade, the artist took a trip to North Dakota and found a new but, in a way, still Arcadian theme: the cowboy on his horse in a frontier landscape.'
  5. 'The man reading, in the left foreground, evokes the Arcadian image of the shepherd reciting poetry in days of old.'
  6. 'The Tracker is a tale of an adventurous boyhood of limitless self-reliance in an unfathomably Arcadian wilderness.'
  7. 'For those who think of the 1960s and 1970s as an Arcadian period in pop, these past two months have been a return to Eden.'
  8. 'Giant photographs of Arcadian scenes are draped across concrete apartment blocks.'
  9. 'Despite its size, it is deliberately anti-monumental, its low curved bulk spread across a hillside on the edge of the village, and its green copper roof merging with the primal Arcadian landscape of southern Italy.'
  10. 'She and the two boys end up playing in this Arcadian garden, and the uncle cries when he gets back from a business trip and realises how wonderful everything is.'
  11. 'Another strain on the Arcadian ideal in the late 1930s came from the haste with which war seemed about to repeat itself, a haste that wrought havoc with the archetypal narrative of loss and recovery.'
  12. 'The prospect thus stands in direct, temporal opposition to the pastoral or Arcadian mode.'


1. of Arcadia.

2. rural, rustic, or pastoral, especially suggesting simple, innocent contentment. noun

3. a native of Arcadia.

4. the dialect of ancient Greek spoken in Arcadia.

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(Arcadian)Late 16th century: from Latin Arcadius, from Greek Arkadia (see Arcadia).