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Living in trees.
  1. 'Sweet observed a male of the small arboreal species V. glauerti descend the home tree of one female and travel more than 300 yards in a straight line, through dense forest and rock outcrops, to the base of another tree.'
  2. 'Many small and some large tetrapods with no obvious arboreal features can get into trees.'
  3. 'Others have countered that small land-dwelling dinosaurs learned to fly without ever developing arboreal habits: no trees were needed.'
  4. 'Depending on their location, sagebrush lizards are saxicolous, arboreal, or generalize among different habitat types including sand dunes.'
  5. 'Within the ground beetle family, a few eat seeds, a few concentrate near water, and some readily climb trees and consume arboreal insects, including aphids and forest tent caterpillars.'
  6. 'For example, it is hypothesized that birds must have evolved flight from trees, so their ancestors must have been arboreal.'
  7. 'As most primates are arboreal and/or feed in trees, they require a high degree of balance and coordination and ethanol-impacted infants should fare poorly.'
  8. 'They are mainly arboreal, preferring to stay in the trees and larger shrubs.'
  9. 'Cracids are arboreal birds, nesting, roosting and foraging in the trees.'
  10. 'The Siberian flying squirrel is a nocturnal arboreal rodent, which nests in tree cavities, twig dreys, and nest-boxes.'
  11. 'Mature forests with arboreal lichens are scarce except in national parks and nature.'
  12. 'On the steep bluffs north of downtown Seattle grows an impressive array of what is arguably the Pacific Northwest's most beautiful arboreal treasures: the Pacific madrone.'
  13. 'Typically a city owns just 10 to 20 percent of the community's arboreal holdings; the rest are on private property.'
  14. 'Now he shares his excitement for arboreal treasures through maps of tree trails he designs for public use.'
  15. 'More than 800 people saw a pre-festival viewing of the one-hour documentary that showcases American history through the stories of 21 historic arboreal treasures.'
  16. 'The study involved estimating the longevity, or ages, of T. rex and other related North American tyrannosaur specimens by counting growth lines in their fossilized bones, just as one might count tree rings to estimate arboreal age.'
  17. 'With nearly 1,100 species of indigenous trees, South Africa is extremely rich in arboreal diversity.'
  18. 'Grab your tree identification book and this ‘natural roadmap,’ and check out these arboreal monuments.'
  19. 'This 300-year-old tree was a rare mutant, a sort of arboreal albino that had long been sacred to the native Haida community.'
  20. 'Their many wild habitats include palm trees, tree holes, arboreal epiphytes, burrows, rock crevices, or other animal refuges.'

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1. of or relating to trees; treelike.

2. Also, arboreous. living in or among trees.

3. Zoology. adapted for living and moving about in trees, as the limbs and skeleton of opossums, squirrels, monkeys, and apes.

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"quadrupedalisms can be arboreal."

"lives can be arboreal."

"adaptations can be arboreal."

"termites can be arboreal."

"substrates can be arboreal."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin arboreus, from arbor ‘tree’, + -al.