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The Semitic language of the Arabs, spoken by some 150 million people throughout the Middle East and North Africa.
  1. 'The men spoke in Arabic among themselves and to the man in the yellow shirt sitting nearby.'
  2. 'For those who speak it, Arabic is an instrument of expression and using it well is an art.'
  3. 'Its name in English and in many other languages derives, via Arabic, from an old Persian name, aspankh.'
  4. 'As in Hebrew, the use of vowels in writing Aramaic and Arabic is a relatively late development.'
  5. 'Dressed in a white forensic suit, he spoke in Arabic through an interpreter to confirm his name.'
  6. 'Though he edited the Hebrew prayer book and composed some Hebrew liturgical poems, he wrote mostly in Arabic.'
  7. 'Someone who only speaks Arabic has left five messages on my answerphone this morning for Yasmina.'
  8. 'For example, the fact that classical Arabic is the language of the Koran endows it with special significance.'
  9. 'Jordanians are very friendly and hospitable, and a few words of Arabic will work wonders.'
  10. 'Links will also be made to the Bible in Arabic, English, French and Farsi.'


Relating to the literature or language of Arab people.
  1. 'a fluent Arabic-speaker'
  2. 'We had our school lessons and they were all in English, except for the Arabic language class that we took.'
  3. 'My language is a variant of Gujarati, with many Arabic vocabulary words.'
  4. 'Its program stresses the study of the Arabic language as well as technical skills.'
  5. 'Do you wish to speak in the Arabic language first or do you wish to speak in English?'
  6. 'To an Arab, her bad Arabic accent, probably would have sounded like an English person trying to sound like an Arab.'
  7. 'We asked him to look at the original Arabic report and give us his thoughts.'
  8. 'In order to achieve that it is imperative for us to teach our children the Arabic language and history and the Islamic faith.'
  9. 'The most striking example is that of Turkey, which scrapped Arabic script and adopted the Latin alphabet.'
  10. 'With Shawqi's verses a great era of classical Arabic poetry came to an end.'
  11. 'The reports in both the Western and the Arabic press are confused.'

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1. of, belonging to, or derived from the language or literature of the Arabs.

2. noting, pertaining to, or in the alphabetical script used for the writing of Arabic probably since about the fourth century a.d., and adopted with modifications by Persian, Urdu, and many other languages. A distinguishing feature of this script is the fact that etymologically short vowels are not normally represented.

3. Arab.

4. Arabian. noun

5. a Semitic language that developed out of the lan

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(Arabic)Middle English: via Latin arabicus from Greek arabikos, from Araps, Arab- ‘Arab’, from the Arabic (see Arab).