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Relating to Arabia or its inhabitants.
  1. 'Then, the camera shows the baffled Englishman looking like a lost tourist in a busy Arabian street, shouting ‘Hello?’'
  2. 'Southern Iraq was inhabited by Arabian tribesmen, some of whom recognized the Sesanian monarchy.'
  3. 'Amouage, an Arabian perfume manufacturer based in Oman used to provide perfume exclusively to royalty but has expanded its market around the world.'


A native or inhabitant of Arabia.
  1. 'It also affects people of Arabian, Greek, Maltese, Italian, Sardinian, Turkish and Indian ancestry.'
  2. 'The Berbers put up resistance, particularly to the edict that both religious and political leaders could only be Arabian.'
  3. 'I prefer Warmbloods and Arabians, if there are no Thoroughbreds, for their outstanding speed, nimble strides, and excellent carriage.'
  4. 'The contest, as portrayed in the film, is a centuries-old annual event restricted to the best Bedouin horsemen and the finest Arabians.'
  5. 'The rider had led Zawahiri back to the horse, the Arabian snorting a few times at the stranger.'

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1. of or relating to Arabia or its inhabitants.

2. Arab.

3. Arabic. noun

4. an inhabitant of Arabia.

5. an Arab.

6. Arabian horse.

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"presses can be arabian."

"peninsulas can be arabian."

"airlines can be arabian."

"seas can be arabian."

"agencies can be arabian."

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