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Like an eagle.
  1. 'Forster looks as handsomely out-of-place as he ever has, aquiline and arch in a white linen suit.'
  2. 'Devin's fair and aquiline features were highlighted silver in the moonlit night.'
  3. 'The aquiline visage of our figure is not that of an old man, while the richness of his dress seems to indicate that, if he is a peasant or servant, he is no ordinary one.'
  4. 'Deep creases furrowed on his weather beaten aquiline face.'
  5. 'The Somalis are tall and wiry in stature, with aquiline features, elongated heads, and light brown to black skin.'
  6. 'With his aquiline profile, unfashionable dress, strange accent and flowing locks of chestnut-brown hair, John James Audubon must have drawn curious stares from onlookers.'
  7. 'A pair of short, pointed ears were on the upper rear portion of its long, aquiline skull.'
  8. 'It is sensitively modeled to portray the aquiline nose and almond-shaped eyes of the king.'
  9. 'The girl had a lovely face with an aquiline nose, a broad full mouth and eyes like blue sapphires.'
  10. 'Her nose was aquiline, and fit her face perfectly.'
  11. 'The prominent nasal bones in Neandertal skulls top wide nasal openings, suggesting that they sported large, aquiline noses.'
  12. 'The man's skin was almost as parchment-like as Lord Scion's was, and an aquiline nose jutted out from the man's bony cheeks.'
  13. 'Her nose narrowed and took on an aquiline cast, while her forehead receded from her brow.'
  14. 'His teeth were very even and his nose aquiline - almost sharp.'
  15. 'With his fair hair, strong jaw line, light blue eyes and aquiline nose, he could easily have just walked out of the Scottish Highlands and into the bar at London's Marriott Hotel.'
  16. 'She was compassionate and spontaneous - a handsome if not conventionally beautiful woman with hazel eyes and a distinctive aquiline nose.'
  17. 'The new vocation would draw upon his curiosity, but mainly on his looks, his special features: the characteristic oval face, aquiline nose and shocking white beard.'

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1. (of the nose) shaped like an eagle's beak; hooked.

2. of or like the eagle.

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"noses can be aquiline."

"features can be aquiline."

"people can be aquiline."

"types can be aquiline."

"shapings can be aquiline."

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Mid 17th century: from Latin aquilinus, from aquila ‘eagle’.