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Relating to water.
  1. 'those who favour cycling or various aquatic sports'
  2. 'Yes, I'd read the brochures describing the sun-drenched charms, magnificent reefs and warm summer seas of Malta and it seemed like the perfect setting for my aquatic adventure.'
  3. 'I mean this is a great sport for the Olympics, they've got these wonderful aquatic centres built for every Olympics, you'd love to be in one of those, wouldn't you?'
  4. 'Besides the amusing circus and aquatic performances, visitors can have their pictures taken with a well-dressed bear or a large, semi-comatose tiger.'
  5. 'It causes major environmental problems in freshwater aquatic habitats.'
  6. 'They rise out of the water like aquatic chook pens.'
  7. 'The second part of the plan is meant to set up standards to ensure that enough water always remains in rivers to support the aquatic environment.'
  8. 'The general consensus seems to be that this particular aquatic adventure is too water logged for its own good.'
  9. 'Early morning swimmers, those in the club for competition, water polo, canoe polo, underwater hockey, and mere sun lovers all find what they want at the town's aquatic centre.'
  10. 'Even the water park, which will be part of an Olympic-size aquatic centre, will have a Christian theme, with laser shows depicting Bible stories such as Jonah and the whale and David and Goliath.'
  11. 'For more than a decade, Lismore City Council has been testing the waters for a new aquatic facility for the city.'
  12. 'the bay could support aquatic life'
  13. 'They typically eat insects and floating vegetable matter but their diet also includes zooplankton, aquatic insect larvae, and worms.'
  14. 'They also forage in shallow water for aquatic invertebrates and catch insects on foliage or near the surface of water.'
  15. 'Frogs, crabs, molluscs, aquatic insects, and larvae are some of the items included in their diets.'
  16. 'The committee were quite annoyed this year with the fact that, after all the work carried out to improve the environment of the river to allow aquatic life to survive.'
  17. 'A platypus feeds primarily on aquatic crustaceans, insect larvae, and some plants.'
  18. 'In summer, aquatic insects, other aquatic invertebrates, and some plant material are eaten.'
  19. 'These and numerous other aquatic creatures and plants comprise a composite underwater stream ecosystem of the southeastern United States.'
  20. 'Part six examines phenology of particular life forms including aquatic plants and animals, insects, birds, and large mammals.'
  21. 'Pinnipeds are aquatic mammals with all flour limbs modified into flippers.'
  22. 'Adequate flow in our rivers is necessary for the maintenance of aquatic life, to prevent saline water intrusion and to protect riparian rights.'


An aquatic plant or animal, especially one suitable for a pond or aquarium.
  1. 'specialist aquatics suppliers'
  2. 'The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's inland fisheries division has the state's only crew (four people) whose full-time job is fighting harmful aquatics.'
  3. 'Modern lycophytes are low-growing understory plants, epiphytes, and submerged aquatics - they are not a significant fraction of the modern vegetation.'
  4. 'The wetland area, created on land owned by Campden and Chorleywood Food Research Association, will provide a home for a wide range of wildlife including native trees and shrubs, wildflower-rich grassland and native aquatics.'
  5. 'Invasive aquatics also can have serious negative effects on wildlife. Waterfowl depend greatly on seeds and roots of aquatic vegetation such as pondweeds, wild celery, najas, sagittaria and other native plants.'
  6. 'All dead and yellowing growth should be cleared from marginal plants and water lilies, and submerged aquatics that are getting out of hand should be thinned out.'
  7. 'Because Texas, unlike Florida, does not have a government agency charged with combating noxious aquatics, it's hard to figure how much money is annually spent in the effort.'
  8. 'But staff of agencies such as TPWD are collecting information on the distribution and impact of alien aquatics.'
  9. 'Most aquatics grow best when planted in wide, shallow containers that you submerge in the pond.'
Sports played in or on water.
  1. 'They would also appreciate assistance from anyone with a knowledge of the following sports - aquatics, athletics, cycling, table tennis, basketball, football, unified football and judo.'
  2. 'Participants will ‘test drive’ products and services, including indoor aquatics, sports and fitness, grounds maintenance, and much more.'
  3. 'Schools also reported having poor resources to implement most areas of the curriculum, which covers athletics, dance, gymnastics, games, adventure activities and aquatics.'
  4. 'Possible competitions will include aquatics, basketball, bocce, cycling, equestrian sports, gymnastics, power lifting, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.'
  5. 'For instance, aquatics is comprised of four disciplines including diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, and water polo.'
  6. 'Most favored activities are cycling on a stationary bicycle, brisk walking, swimming, and water aquatics.'
  7. 'The aquatics venue was moved to the Williamsburg waterfront to allow for swimming and diving to be held in separate arenas within the same complex to meet a new requirement by FINA, the international governing body for aquatics.'
  8. 'Among the sports the athletes will play are athletics, aquatics, tennis, five-a-side football, volleyball and bocce.'
  9. 'The club is marketing its aquatics program to members who don't normally participate in aquatics.'
  10. 'She is competing in aquatics in the Special Olympics in Dublin this week.'

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1. of, in, or pertaining to water.

2. living or growing in water: aquatic plant life.

3. taking place or practiced on or in water: aquatic sports. noun

4. an aquatic plant or animal.

5. aquatics, sports practiced on or in water.

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"plants can be aquatic."

"lives can be aquatic."

"environments can be aquatic."

"products can be aquatic."

"outlets can be aquatic."

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Late 15th century (in the sense ‘watery, rainy’): from Old French aquatique or Latin aquaticus, from aqua ‘water’.