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A natural ability to do something.
  1. 'But Brad never got his sea legs, showing an early aptitude for skating on ice rather than sailing on water.'
  2. 'Discovering you have a natural talent or aptitude for something feels good.'
  3. 'An aptitude for dealing in stock and runs, and in accumulating capital and assets, soon became apparent.'
  4. 'My ideology holds men to be equal to women, and to me as an individual, in their abilities and aptitudes to communicate and understand the spoken word.'
  5. 'They also have a remarkable aptitude for spreading the word virally when they discover something that excites them.'
  6. 'The truth, of course, is that there is no difference between selection by aptitude and selection by ability.'
  7. 'Not everyone has the aptitude or ability to do everything.'
  8. 'I am asked for my view on the Olympic Games, which is that they affirm the British aptitude for sports that involve sitting down.'
  9. 'There are 21 priority places available for students on the basis of their aptitude for the Performing Arts each year.'
  10. 'On Monday, it was to the driving range, where I rediscovered my startling aptitude for slicing the ball, though I was relieved to make contact at all.'
  11. 'his aptitude for deceit'
  12. 'It also acknowledges that patients differ in their choice of therapies according to their aptitudes and inclinations towards the various options.'
  13. 'Most teens' natural aptitude for interactivity is what often sets them apart from older generations.'
  14. 'Despite having a phenomenal song writing talent, he seems to lack an aptitude for conciseness.'
  15. 'His grandmother used to sit with mediums, and he was always aware of his own aptitude for the spiritual.'
  16. 'People typically think of the brain as a genetically fixed source of intelligence, aptitudes and personality.'
  17. 'In fact, even when immersed in play writing, he had betrayed his aptitude for philosophical ideas and concepts.'

More definitions

1. capability; ability; innate or acquired capacity for something; talent: She has a special aptitude for mathematics.

2. readiness or quickness in learning; intelligence: He was placed in honors classes because of his general aptitude.

3. the state or quality of being apt; special fitness.

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"tests can be aptitude."


Late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin aptitudo, from aptus (see apt).