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The action of approving something.
  1. count noun 'they have delayed the launch to await project approvals'
  2. 'He added that all the relevant approvals for the project are in order right down to the environmental impact assessment.'
  3. 'The couple may present the terms of their agreement to the court for its approval.'
  4. 'Others can't wait for the next round of approvals and developed alternatives to find workers.'
  5. 'The transaction is expected to close within two to three months, pending court and government approvals.'
  6. 'Most companies do this after gaining approval from their shareholders at an annual meeting.'
  7. 'However, developers must contact the company and gain its approval about what they wish to code.'
  8. 'The council will now need approval from them to enter into a five-year management agreement.'
  9. 'Last month, a group of councillors who do not love parking pads launched a strike that may lead to a moratorium on approvals.'
  10. 'The development of the remaining seven acres will commence as soon as planning approvals are received.'
  11. 'When it is a case of majority assent or approval, issues arise as to the effect on the minority.'
  12. 'There can be no greater validation for a movie, than receiving a nod of approval from the man who inspired it.'
  13. 'He believes the drive for approval motivates both spheres of life for ambitious men.'
  14. 'This initiative has no doubt been met with approval by many involved in education.'
  15. 'Edward and his father nodded with approval at me, then I was told to give some money.'
  16. 'Neither suggestion met with approval so I repaired to the kitchen to make coffee.'
  17. 'As I say, it was cited with approval in one of the cases which I referred to a moment ago.'
  18. 'I would hope that the west London lines would meet with approval and link up to Heathrow and Gatwick.'
  19. 'The idea met with approval from religious as well as tourist and cultural groups.'

More definitions

1. the act of approving; approbation.

2. formal permission or sanction.

3. Philately. one of a group of selected stamps sent by a dealer to a prospective customer for examination and either purchase or return. Idioms

4. on approval, without obligation to buy unless satisfactory to the customer upon trial or examination and, otherwise, returnable: We ship merchandise on approval.

More examples(as adjective)

"processes can be approval."

"means can be approval."


on approval
seal (or stamp) of approval