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Come near or nearer to (someone or something) in distance or time.
  1. no object 'winter was approaching'
  2. 'I heard approaching footsteps and reached for the handle on the crawl space door, and tried to pull it closed.'
  3. 'The train approaching platform two is also not going to Parsons Green but to Ealing Broadway.'
  4. 'On another table sits a projector showing slides of a car approaching a picnic site near Montpelier on the French A9 autoroute.'
  5. 'I've been taking to napping on the subway, and somehow have been honing this sixth sense about when the train is approaching my stop.'
  6. 'He could see, very faintly, a legion of soldiers in the distance, also approaching the forest.'
  7. 'Strange noises had echoed about ahead of him, sounds clearly defined, yet dim and distant as those he heard while approaching a bustling town from a distance.'
  8. 'She has been trained to approach the table only at the exact moment when everyone's mouth is full.'
  9. 'You can imagine my surprise to hear a loud train whistle as I approached the track.'
  10. 'I yelled, all of a sudden feeling frantic as I heard the train approaching the platform above me.'
  11. 'Grabbing my camera and tripod from the car, I approached the nest.'
  12. 'the population will approach 12 million by the end of the decade'
  13. 'Thus, the number of proteins is approaching a meaningful level to cover a diverse set of potential therapeutic and toxicity targets.'
  14. 'It also will be impossible for the two teams to approach the Bucs' level of effectiveness.'
  15. 'The Mitta Mitta rose to the occasion with a river level of 1.7m, approaching the 2m cut-off mark when nobody is permitted to kayak or raft the river.'
  16. 'In May of 2nd grade, her total standardized test results approached the 90th percentile!'
  17. 'Three other marker pairs showed deviations approaching the 0.01 level.'
  18. 'Sales and gross margins at the Hopkinton (Mass.) company are approaching their boom-time levels.'
  19. 'In Pisces, collective thinking approaches the most mystical level possible.'
  20. 'Second generation bean leaf beetles are emerging now and beetles numbers will be approaching their highest levels for the summer.'
  21. 'The organization reports private label cheeses have been forced to raise their prices as well, often to levels approaching those of branded products.'
  22. 'As the voltage approaches the higher level, sulfur atoms at one end of the molecule loosen their chemical bonds with the wire, and the current drops off as the switchover occurs.'
Speak to (someone) for the first time about a proposal or request.
  1. 'In addition, claims that the whole South African team were approached with a proposal to throw a match during its tour to India in 1996 will also be investigated.'
  2. 'So please if you are approached to help, try to give a little of your time.'
  3. 'If you'd ever approached me with that request I'd have declined and handed you back your tip.'
  4. 'Above all else, compliment each person for approaching you with the request to work.'
  5. 'Just in case anyone I work with is reading this, see if you can guess which current highly respected staff member approached me with this request.'
  6. 'Yet I was again approached with a request for samples when I was in the mortuary saying my last goodbyes.'
  7. 'Three years ago, I approached her with a proposal.'
  8. 'He approached me with the proposal first, and I accepted, naturally.'
  9. 'Has Hollywood approached you yet with requests to film any of your books?'
  10. 'I approached some influential people with the proposal of this organisation.'
Start to deal with (a situation or problem) in a certain way.
  1. 'Furthermore, I am not persuaded that the issue of relevance must be approached differently with a different result because the context differs.'
  2. 'One of your arguments is that a relevant matter in approaching our constitutional problem is that the respondent is resident in South Australia.'
  3. 'Used the right way, it prompts you to approach a troublesome situation differently.'
  4. 'Therefore, software installation must be approached with care, and with an eye toward the ultimate goal of the cluster's end users.'
  5. 'This issue must be approached from a policy perspective.'
  6. 'This work of transformation which I have come to think of as culture work must be approached carefully but with great conviction and effort.'
  7. 'Had I asked a different engineer to the design the same linkage, that engineer might have approached the problem differently.'
  8. 'Therefore, as it seems to me, I must approach this on the basis that reasons are required to be given as of right.'
  9. 'We cannot have a situation in which 43 different police forces approach the same problem in 43 different ways.'
  10. 'Each new site, each budget, must be approached as a new problem, even while preserving the basic typology of the courtyard.'


A way of dealing with a situation or problem.
  1. 'I am flexible and open in my thinking and in my approach to different situations and I am comfortable with ambiguity.'
  2. 'By questioning the validity of the scientific method, the new approach to science education opens up a can of worms.'
  3. 'That, I have to say, is a fundamentally stupid approach to the situation.'
  4. 'This is a situation which bespeaks an amateurish approach to football administration.'
  5. 'This top down perspective and methodology is the one-two-three approach to design.'
  6. 'The design and methods are a reasonable approach to study the association between modifiable risk factors and injury from car crashes.'
  7. 'It requires a generous approach to the situations in which privacy is to be protected.'
  8. 'An alternate solution is to adopt a holistic philosophy and approach to any nursing situation.'
  9. 'It is a fact that a strategic approach to tourism can only succeed if the product infrastructure is in place.'
  10. 'Which means making sure I'm near the front of the line on opening day and a systematic approach to acquisition.'
An initial proposal or request made to someone.
  1. 'He turned down an approach from one man who claimed hearing loss after going to a gig because of the lack of legal precedent for such an action.'
  2. 'Industry sources say it is expecting a formal approach from the German company soon.'
  3. 'She said a survey had been carried out in Tosside following an approach from a planning agent on behalf of a local landowner.'
  4. 'It has also received an approach from the financier, who is understood to have offered more.'
  5. 'We met an uncooperative approach from the claimant's solicitors which put us to expense in itself.'
  6. 'He didn't seem as friendly for the rest of the evening as his initial approach had suggested, and I walked home thoughtfully.'
  7. 'They finished in positive territory despite rejecting a merger approach from another bank.'
  8. 'The company is braced for an approach from its German rival with a plan that will see them merge their core operations.'
  9. 'It shouldn't be a confrontational approach but a polite request that something is not right.'
  10. 'After an approach from the north Dubliner, he issued three of his records in 1996.'
  11. 'feminine resistance to his approaches'
  12. 'When she rejected his approaches, he began to treat her meanly and find fault with her.'
The action of coming near or nearer to someone or something in distance or time.
  1. 'It heralds both the approach of the harvest and the end of winter.'
  2. 'The span of the Pacific Ocean, covered in fog, hints at the approach of winter.'
  3. 'With the approach of Advent, we begin to prepare for the new covenant as issued in the birth of Jesus.'
  4. 'Predictions about who will win the competition are rife, given the approach of the final episode.'
  5. 'He estimated the distance, and after a slow and careful approach, they began to rise.'
  6. 'At the approach of the kidnapper's vessel, a door near the bottom slid open.'
  7. 'It seems that the trees and sand traps keep getting in his way on his approach to the greens.'
  8. 'the past is impossible to recall with any approach to accuracy'
  9. 'I used to trim the plane back to about 50 mph for the final approach'
  10. 'In this case, the best plan is to have a very shallow approach and a slow descent rate.'
  11. 'That, combined with the landing weight, explained the high approach and landing speed.'
  12. 'The airplane was observed on a three-mile final approach when it entered a left bank.'
  13. 'Keep the ball in the middle in all phases of the approach to align the aircraft for maximum efficiency.'
  14. 'The second approach was a little fast and one wing high but we got on the runway.'
  15. 'You could even fly the entire approach at 70 knots if there was no need to expedite for other traffic.'
  16. 'The approach and landing were uneventful and the crew and aircraft were recovered safely.'
  17. 'The minehunters had been in the area clearing unexploded weapons, including mines, from the approaches to the port.'
  18. 'He also suggested larger warning signs, the cross hatching of the left hand lane and better lighting on the approaches to major junctions.'
  19. 'That brings traffic problems as drivers jostle for spaces or park thoughtlessly blocking entrances, bus stops and the approaches to pedestrian crossings.'
  20. 'It isn't so long since we were carrying stories and readers' letters complaining about the state of the railway embankments on the approaches to Bradford.'
  21. 'Using canoes they penetrated the enemy's shipping lines in the approaches to Singapore and placed limpet mines destroying three vessels.'
  22. 'Three new pedestrian islands will be built and an anti-skid coating applied in Brunshaw Road on the approaches to the roundabout.'
  23. 'It gave a commanding view over the approaches to the farm, and there wasn't a single watchman; there were two of them, each marching half the walkway's circuit.'
  24. 'The 30 mph limit should stay except in the approaches to schools, hospitals, old folks homes etc. where the limit should be 15 mph and strictly enforced.'
  25. 'The first part of a plan to upgrade a number of locations in Clogh Village has been the provision of rumble strips and school warning signs on the approaches to the village and the National School.'
  26. 'A long string of cars behind his vehicle testified to the jammed approaches to the major artery out of Downtown.'

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1. to come near or nearer to: The cars slowed down as they approached the intersection.

2. to come near to in quality, character, time, or condition; to come within range for comparison: As a poet he hardly approaches Keats.

3. to present, offer, or make a proposal or request to: to approach the president with a suggestion.

4. to begin work on; set about: to approach a problem.

5. to make advances to; address.

6. to bring near to something. verb (use

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"westerns can be approach to bends."

"policemen can be approach with minds."

"people can be approach without gloves."

"people can be approach in regions."

"models can be approach in ways."

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Middle English: from Old French aprochier, aprocher, from ecclesiastical Latin appropiare ‘draw near’, from ad- ‘to’ + propius (comparative of prope ‘near’).